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What The Tv Show Friends Would Look Like In 2017 "Soy Boy Epidemic"

The NWO agenda is playing out fast and strong. Soon there will be no real warrior men left just SOY BOYS and masculine women. A Perfect way to divide up the family unit & keep us separated. Cleverly done by weaponising food introducing estrogen mimickers to our vaccines, food, water and plastics. Disrupt the hormones and create a society of gay lords and lesbians who dont know who they should be making love to. This is all done by design.

The U.S. or "Nato Rothschilds puppet... foot army" which is used to destabilise secular governments who dont play ball with the jesuits agenda of invade, steal natural recourses and install a federal reserve bank or "modern day slavery system" tested a "gay bomb" during the invasian of Afghanistan were they aerial sprayed the opposing forces with chemicals designed to majorly change the hormones and brain function.

When the US troops invaded the arab men were found having sex with each other and were hiding in shame mentally messed up, from the massive amounts of HAARP & NEXRAD frequency mind control they went under as well to create a trigger moment in the mind or "alter" personality. So when the coalition invaded they literally threw down their weapons and some even committed suicide. The deep state knows how to divide up a powerful race of humans. Make no mistake being gay is all part of their plan.

Aldest Huxley "Globalist" openly stated in his book "a brave new world" written back in 1931 they were going to put chemicals in the food and water to femanise men and hyper femanise women (phase 1) which is well under way. Phase 2 is to stop humans from having children via sterilizing the masses, make it illegal to have intercourse and create humans in pitri dishes in labs, this family attack is coming now.. This book was a hundred years of advanced research ahead of its time and showed the level of fuckery being planned by the puppet masters. Huxleys brother went on to run the U.N. world gov program for UNESCO which is adopted by all major nation states.

How? By Weaponising Soy, plastic softeners, vaccines, contaminates in our water, GMO food, pesticides and all the hidden chemicals, addatives and preservatives. Throw in the Geo Engineering pizio electric nano crystals & weaponised phone towers and constant social programming and mind control from Hollywood all the major news outlets and block buster movies we are being hit from all angles.

Research the new gay rights laws in australia "99 which are about handing our children over to pedofiles and only 1 which is about gay marriage" It's disgusting beyond words pure evil. Teaching primary & pree school kids how to have anal sex and use a dildo, just the tip of the ice berg believe me. Wake Up beautiful people we are in the 12th hour the world is waking up fast, and evil is putting every card on the table. Paul Joseph Watson Soy Boy

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Much love Nate Max

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