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Ascension is a process

Ascension is a process and yet one can attain Enlightenment in a blink of an eye. Alice sees a door to the magical realm of colours. Each colour is a tone. Vibrations activate the genetic codes. Human consciousness perceives another dimension. The Key is to approach the Supreme Intelligence with Love in your Heart. Therein is found a Jewel of Light. Your Spiritual Path becomes easier. Less drama. Learn to say no to evil declaring to Source you serve no master. Reclaim lost memo...ries. Stop feeding the Beast 666 Matrix! Eat healthy. Stay away from negative people and situations as much as possible. Forgive your enemies but don't let them back into your life. Focus, discipline and balance are needed for success in all matters. Spirit is your best friend. Create a New Civilization by changing how you think. Stand tall in your truth! Don't give your energy or power away for dumb shit! Less is more. Keep your life simple. You want to be healthy, happy and free! Michael Kavanagh

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