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The World Is Waking Up & It's AWESOME

Its happening... people are waking up all over the globe. Very impressed with humans who are taking the health of themselves and their familys back into their own hands. Not to mention all my friends resarching the vaccine agenda and choosing to NOT poison off their kids by injecting them with proven dangerous immune destructive rubbish, big thumbs up for pushing through that government & (big pharma) run fear campaign.

One only needs to research for 1 day blth sides of the ...coin to come to the conclusion that its a money making scam, a depopulation / sterilization angeda ( proven also )and much more darker agenda which i wont even touch on here today. There is good vaccines out there but not for the little hobbits (us) only the elite have access to these ones, we get the ones with aborted baby foetus, heavy metals , adjuvants, parasites, dna & rna destructive materials and heavy metals like mercury Yum Yum. Its that simple the cat is out of the bag now regarding vaccines its only a matter of time before the main stream cottons onto this as well and refuses to vaccinate their children.

I just hope there is not to many more casualties untill then, im seeing autistic kids everywhere. Its just a process of consciousness awakening realising we have been lied to on almost every front and doing ones own searching for obvious simple answers and using common sence. Eg: is mercury good for the human body.... Pretty simple really. Go eat the mercury from a thermometer see how that pans out for your health, go eat a few lead pencils see how that pans for you in later life. Its not rocket science and we are talking about putting this into a new born child whos immune system is only just being created we are still forming till 25 years old. What a great way to destroy a (was to be genious) from accessing his / her highest abilities.

The awakening starts by people getting the fluoride scam & filtering their water and eating organic food whole foods and avioding meat and dairy and starting to detox, then once the mind starts to become clear for the first time ever in life, all the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place the gmos, the federal reseve, taxation, history, fluoride, the war on terror, the war on drugs, the media lying then you, then we move into false religion the illuminati , geo engineering, secret space programs, off world agendas, energy harvesting ,child sacrifice and pedophilia its all common knowledge now its literally on the main stream news it cant be hidden any longer..

The game is up but how long will you play it for time to re jig what you consider your reality. Much Love Neil Pascoe "Investigative researcher, though pioneer and visionary into human potential"

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