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Mullumbimby Rising!!

Has anyone else felt the energy change in the past few days? The suppression has started to lift...Whatever has been hitting us (non physical it feels )is now dissipating, even the constant rain is becoming a nonissue. Mullumbimby who was hit hard (by design in my belief) was feeling pretty strange, with weird vibes, obvious trauma on people's faces,(rightfully so) even on my own, lost and a bit broken....

But now the phoenix is beginning to rise from the ashes, wings of flaming transmutation burning hot, the s

ilver lining is showing itself, the vibes are coming back.

HUGE LESSONS. A letting go of the old, a coming together of community on many levels. We just went through hell and it's only made us stronger and removed the deadwood.

This has been a dark 2 years of initiatio

n for many, rocking people to the core, all perception-based of course the outer matching the inner.

This kind of weather/frequency assault and full-scale mind control forced us to go inwards, use our discernment and to access our uncomfortable regions that need to be brought to the surface and dealt with, no hiding now everything is in plain sight.

Humans shift when they are under pressure.

So funny that one (legend) 😂 knocked out the Mullumbimby 5g phone tower with a fuel can and $9 of

bp ultimate , up in smoke bye-bye.

Millions of dollars of weaponized frequency (covid activation) attack finished in 15 mins. It shows what one person can do when you simply take action.

Now we know what it feels like to be in town without the 4g/5g frequency attacking our cells which was and IS now very obvious.

I have always said that fkn tower is up full ball, I could always feel it because I'm sensitive in general and I live with no phone reception at my place so it's black and white for me. I have also tested it with expensive equipment proving this.

Its so pathetic that the telcos, council, police and local politicians sold us out, so much karma headed their way... so many people will be hung for playing their role in the attempted depopulat

ion agenda.

To put this into context we protested this tower upgrade for nearly 3 years the whole area DID NOT WANT IT thousands protesting in the streets regularly, we had people camped out under the tower 24 hours a day doing shifts, sacred fires burning 24/7 and a hub of rotating activists watching the tower to make sure Telstra would not try sneak it up at night

Which they have done before in main arm during the fires when everyone was evacuated. (so desperate) imagine they wanted so badly to do good things as much as they want these towers up HAHA imagine potholes were phone towers hahahaha every pothole would be fixed in the northern NSW in a week


Anyhow so then not long after the floods 2 weeks maybe during the crisis when the town was in shambles they literally snuck 5g up when we were still trapped and people missing, dead, lives destroyed, Telstra technicians lied and said no we are just fixing some issues with the current system

ABSOLUTE DOGS. (I'm just doing my job LOL) i'm so overhearing that pathetic sell-out comment. They said that in the Nuremberg trials.. how did that end for them?.. They were hung..

( history HIS-STORY repeats its self)