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The world is waking up, people know what the governments are planning, how much longer can this go on? Thousands of protesters set fire to the lobby of a newly built residential building in Hong Kong that authorities planned to use as a coronavirus quarantine facility.

Witness saw masked protesters rush into the public housing block in Hong Kong’s Fanling district as they successfully burnt the facility to the ground. Black smoke could be seen

pouring out of the building to the sound of fire alarms and windows being smashed out!

Thousands of regular Hong Kong citizens blocked roads leading to the building with bricks and other debris. Police lined up in the streets by the hundreds, lucky the Chinese people outnumber them a hundred times over.

What you are witnessing is about to happen all over the world, the great awakening is finally here. What was once hidden will come to light and be revealed. A large number of people are about to suddenly wake up, once awakened it will be nearly impossible to ask "How did I not notice *this before...?"

"We The People" can no longer deny the fact our own government is destroying the world for their gain and our loss. It's only a matter of time until we take back our world and freedom, by force if necessary.

The Chinese people are waking up, fighting back because they are tired of being used and lied to. How long until the rest of the world catches up? I suggest soon...

Stay Awake, Aware and Prepared. - Scott L. Biddle

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