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The Mysterious Djinn

According to ancient lore, the Djinn existed long before we did – tens of thousands of years before us, in fact. The story of the Djinn is detailed in the pages of the Quran, which is the sacred book of Islamic teachings and which those of the Muslim faith believe is the word of God – or, in their religion, Allah, as he is known. Although there are significant differences between the Bible and the Quran, there are a lot of deep similarities, too. The Bible teaches that God created the human race, in the form of Adam and Eve – the latter having allegedly been crafted from one of Adam’s ribs. In the world of Islam, Allah brought Adam into being, too. But, he did much more than that. As well as bringing the human race and the angels to life, Allah also created supernatural entities that, in terms of power and stature, were right up there with the angels.

Although, at times they can be friendly and helpful, the Djinn are also dangerous and manipulative.

Their main source of nourishment is the absorption of energy from life forms. The best is the draining of a soul, but is difficult to do and is considered unlawful. It is, however, practiced by certain powerful, renegade Djinn. The vampiric absorption of the life force can be quite detrimental to people, and cause health problems.

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