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Full Jungle Immersion Retreats "Matrix Reset" June, July, August 2019

10 Day Full Jungle Immersion "Matrix Reset" Retreat 12th - 21st June 2019

In A secret Location on "The Island Of Gods" Hosted by Nate Max, Kenn Eth Shiell, Tuuli Elisa

It has been a long time in the making but here we are, Global Retreats to ignite a fire in the hearts & minds of those ready willing & able. I realise now to make a life long positive impact on someone it is necessary to afford them quality time to sit around grandfather fire share conversation & food together in the very age old way of authentic relationship which creates a very real human experience that touches deep levels within every being...offering an opportunity to real/ease... release & let go of dis-ease & naturally drop into a place of vulnerability / openness without fear of being so... as in that space.... we are not alone.

We are Gathering together to get it together so the true healing can begin by returning to our natural & real state of being ..... receiving authentic positive feedback which affirms our ok ness our inner humanity that is so sadly missing in most parts of this whirl/world in which many merely exist and not live to anywhere near their potential Human Being ness. I know in many cases when someone has shifted all that was necessary was the right words to be spoken at the exact right moment.

Most humans when you scratch below the surface are either one problem away from a complete meltdown or one inspiring action or comment away from total transformation.

Our aim with these retreats is to support others so as to enable them to fully reset ones mind, body & spiritual centre by accessing their own truth which is that hidden potential ... so as to invoke their inner intelligence & instincts so they may learn again to trust in and be & live within their own being ness living life from a place of limitlessness expansion & creativity with Self trust...inner belief .... a knowingness, knowing that it is not about who is right but what is right .... for their own Self

What I want to create is a new breed of street smart connected warriors with a passion for change. The world needs conscious leaders.

Are you ready to throw it on the line for transformation and change? If this is where you now find your Self this is one of those unique opportunities in which you maybe able to achieve just that.

This 10 day retreat has many facets and it's jammed packed: Jungle Accommodation , surrounded by nature with waterfalls, sacred spring water on tap, Ra healing organic food, workshops, yoga, meditation, breath work, massages, 1 on 1 sessions, access to my frequency healing machines, jungle hikes, tea ceremonies, native bush food tour, local festivities, mentoring, metaphysics run down, full astrology / numerology read out, day tours into beautiful spots, snorkelling , diving, juicing & fasting with special elixirs, fire, tobacco & tea ceremonies, sound Journeys, detoxification, hot springs & plenty of group work together. I have some brilliant people co hosting with me, our combining energies will be an experience each of us will also be transformed by through sharing this Gathering of 10 days with those Beings whom are called to join us :

1. Kenn Eth Shiell A master of Metaphysics, bodywork, astrologynumerology and many more modalities someone who holds a huge energy and presence and has truly stepped into his Elder hood. This guys presence alone is powerful like spending time with a real life Gandalf the white wizard, grounded strong energy with so much balance wisdom to share, we work really well together and I have so much lovefor him. 2. Tuuli Elisa is a meditation, yoga, Breath work expert & has been living in the jungle now for 5 years, working with many people on deep levels, it takes a fully embodied women to thrive on this Mountain Jungle forest in which you will discover she is a living breathing example of such inner strength &balance.

Contact Us below for further details, prices & payment plans email:

Please support us support others by sharing this post, tag your friends & family who you feel may like to join us or maybe at all interested to read

about what is available. Many Blessings to all Nate & his crew.

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