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Simple Solutions You Are The 99%

Simple Solutions for the worlds most annoying problems :) Did you forget you are the 99% Did it slip your mind that in fact we hold all the power when united we stand? What has the yellow vest movement taught you?? The 5g roll out Is extinction protocol, its a death grid and will kill billions in the first 10 years through dangerous DNA degenerating Milli form waves, the 4g is already showing us this, 98% increase in brain cancer on the side of the face that people talk on their phones, people who live around phone towers having miscarriages, getting cancer and a multitude of diseases, there is so much information I'm not even going to bother writing it (DO your research), but most importantly ZERO long term studies accept in the military on this old technology.

YES EMF is actually old military tech they don't use it in most installations now due to so many soldiers getting sick and dying, most of the tech is now unmanned or they use other waveforms.

The big telecommunications companies bought this tech, did no research and implemented it into every facet of life on earth. A brilliant way to keep people sick dead and dying and happily due to the "convenience" of smart technology systematically turning people into disconnected deadbeats who can't even catch a tennis ball, ride a push bike, climb monkey bars, reverse park or drive a manual car. Humans who are so unsocial they don't know how to interact any more, the funny thing most would rather die than give up their smartphone (spy phone) mind control system), with a degenerative flicker rate embedded in the screen (FACT) putting you into a zombie-like state, it unbalances your hormones and makes u a lazy hunch back cyborg who has 600 fake facebook friends but no one who actually cares about you in the real world.

These phones and smart appliances are tracking your every move, purchase, email text and gathering all your data illegally (well not really you consent every time you accept the permissions in app downloads updates ect).

The 5g has many different facets, from data gathering, to military defence systems, T.I. (targetted individuals) targetting each and every human, its a spy grid and is turning the entire earth into "The internet of things" literally the metals which are in our air from the chemical spraying, geoengineering (which is now not a conspiracy any more) alien nanotech which is the interface to the smart grid, this is tech is now in our bodies,(RF Chips which flash under a dark field microscope, and fibres which move and feed off light) a real-time 3d tracking of the human family. Living particles (Morgellons) which live inside us and feed on our vital life force. Don't believe me watch my interview with Harald Kautz Vella posted in comments.

So what to do??? It's action time..

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