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Main Stream Suppressing A True Real Revolution (as usual)

Thoughts?? Looks like Paris is waking up.. Its nice to have a break from social media and come back to this situation,(feeling warm and fuzzy inside :)) This looks like a legit movement ATM "if it doesn't get infiltrated by agents" The news is projecting B.S as per usual "eg Tax & Fuel Prices" When in actual fact the world is sick of the globalists and "the running scared" Ruling elite which are the real problem they create false terrorism, war, divide and rule in every country on earth. Im so surprised that it's taken this long for people to start killing off politicians and bankers and rioting. Iceland had their revolution and removed the bankers and politicians year ago "did you know that?". RESEARCH ICE LAND COUP

This NEEDS TO BE DONE in every country NOW to block the roll out of the smart grid. Worldwide there is only about 10 thousand globalists and their network of Satanist and pedophile friends, NOTE: the world's population is 7 billion. You do the math.. Less than a few % is necessary to start a global revolt and revolution it nearly happened in the 60's but the C.I.A blocked that movement with spirituality & Psychedelic (another passive distraction to stop people taking action Eg: Karma, Nonreactment, its all perfect, the new cage movement)

We are the 99% we were just tricked and separate by clever techniques, implemented by the priestly cast : Religion, races, countries, culture all part of the program, separation to the core. Now in the 21st century the new technique is "soft kill" it's about dividing up the family unit and attacking the alpha male, pushing rubbish like feminism, LGBT, Gender neutrality, normalising pedophilia, hyper sexualising the children, making stupidity trendy, (leftism).

Yes the attack is on the youth coming through gen x, make them confused give them the choice of being a male or female then introduce biowarfare, add estrogen mimickers to the food, plastics and water which makes the testosterone drop and estrogen spike causing mass confusion in the mind of the uninformed hobbit, the hormones fire incorrectly and you have a population of unmotivated lazy men who don't know if they should be making love to a man or a women "soy boys" & less people being born. Next step the brain-altering techniques like vaccines, fluoride, EMF, phone towers "mass brainwashing" on the news, tel-lie-vision and media.

The goal to have a population of little fairy boys, who will not take up arms when push comes to shove (which is now) men who will roll over in the foetal position, suck their thumb, scream and wet their pants while evil steamrolls the earth. Imagine if all the alpha males who sit all day watching Tv & footy, who spend their hours at the gym looking at themselves in the mirror started fighting for our 1 and only home Mother earth and the global population of HUMANS, imagine they took up arms and went around removing corruption from every governmental agency. In a month we would see a new world emerge. Also watch that this movement doesn't get hijacked by agents, watch for agitators next phase they will try bring in the U.N. (the Rothschilds puppet army)

Could this be controlled opp? Maybe.... but either way these events are waking up people, its getting people motivated to fight for their rights, for their lives and children, it makes people bond together for freedom, its gets people off the fucking internet and into the real world.

Te fact is No human deserves to live in a slave matrix that serves only a few when we have all the recourses, money, humans and technology to be living in a heavenly existence..

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Nate Max

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