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Anti-Vaccine Billboards Appear In Several US States

#Antivaccine billboards claiming that routine childhood shots are deadly have popped up in several #WestVirginia cities. They warn that the son of former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter #NickCatone died from a vaccine, though the infant's death was officially ruled to be #suddeninfantdeathsyndrome. A physician director for the Cabell-Huntington Health Department, Dr. Michael Kilkenny, says the case is tragic but the medical community's consensus that vaccines are safe and effective remains unchanged. The Herald-Dispatch reported Sunday that the messages have appeared this month in #Parkersburg, #Dunbar and #Huntington as part of a national campaign by the nonprofit Learn The Risk group. More than 30 similar billboards have cropped up in #Pennsylvania, #NewYorkand other states. #VaccineAgenda#GlobalHealthSecurityAgenda #AntiVax #Freedom_faction

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