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Questions Need To Be Asked About Global "Wild" Firestorms: Mother Nature OR Technology

Thoughts? According to select news reports we in the #USA are permitted to know and to see by those who control the news, “it’s #fireseason, and the world seems to be burning.” According to The Los Angeles Times, “Wildfires rage across #Europe as countries battle intense heat wave,” July 28, 2018. The Telegraph reported “Wildfires are up more than a third in Europe – with the heatwave-hit north seeing huge increases,” July 25, 2018. Time reported “Deadly #Japan Heat Wave Continues as Temperatures Reach Highest Ever” with temperatures reaching 106 degrees F (41.1C). Eleven people died, while 10,000 were hospitalized for heat-related conditions. In March of 2018, Newsweek reported “Fires in #SouthAfrica Are So Big, They Can Be Seen From Space—and They’re Helping to Cool the Earth.” [See Original Article For Various Links, Sources & Videos] The above information is a weather anomaly being blamed on #MotherNatureand not on those who apparently are at the epicenter of weather management and #weathergeoengineering. One of the prime movers and shakers regarding weather management is the U. S. #AirForce. It published in August of 1996, an online candid report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” So, what should we expect? Furthermore, there literally are hundreds of U.S. patents for weather management. That extensive list can be found here. However, the strangest part of this “fire season” and the rest of the world burning is that the East Coast of the USA is being inundated with tropical rainstorms almost daily and subsequent flooding, plus the ruination of field crops which, undoubtedly, will lead to food shortages and higher food prices... #Agenda21 #Agenda2030#GeoEngineering #WeatherModification#PostWeatherModification#PostGeoEngineering #HAARP #DEW#DirectEnergyWeapons#MilitaryIndustrialComplex#WeaponizationOfSpace #SpaceForce#SpaceCorp

Currently parked over my area is a scalar cloud bank brought in by a full day of aerial spraying Sunday, July 29, that laid down all sorts of “chemtrails” with crazy patterns in the sky no sensible pilot would file as a flight plan. Where are the flight plans for those spray planes, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration? Can someone FOIA them for you to produce? When will humans wake up to the reality we are being sprayed like bugs and being played like fiddles with regard to deliberate fake news perpetrated regarding such topics as: weather, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medicine, genetically modified foods and organisms, geopolitics, microwaves, 5G and just about every aspect that affects our lives due to controlling and vested interests run by corporations, some of which apparently are in cahoots with the Deep State, Shadow Government and the New World Order cabal. Directed Energy Weapons

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