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The first order of business is to say no to evil and behave yourself.

The first order of business is to say no to evil and behave yourself. Keep it clean keep it real. Learn to forgive yourself without judgement. Treat each other as brothers and sisters. Show some love. Open your heart and the Galactic Alliance will knock on your door. Each "Star Seed" will grow in greater understanding as humanity reaches for the stars! Soft disclosure is seen in science fiction movies preparing the minds of tens of millions of people for the "Coming Event". Your going to see a "Global Awakening" take place, and perhaps, for the first time in human history the slaves take back their power declaring to "Source" they are free! No longer will they worship the golden calf. New science and technology will clean up this world restoring Gaia to her former beauty. Its shameful knowing about all the trash in the oceans. Say no to plastic bottles! Take a serious look around and ask yourself, "What do you see"? Its not all bad but we do need to clean up the mess. Have love and respect for yourself and Mother Nature. This is in fact your home. Why trash it? When I bounce around all over America I do see people recycling and picking up trash along the beaches and roadways. Folks are educating themselves about real food, and you don't have to die from cancer if your smart.

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