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"Holographic Inserts and Mind Control Technology"

Michael Kavanagh

"Holographic Inserts and Mind Control Technology" by Michael Kavanagh. Note: An "Insert" is a fake or real memory being programmed upon human consciousness for mind manipulation. The "Shadow Government" uses "Holographic Inserts" to "Bend Time & Space", thereby manipulating "Timelines", which are connected to CERN and the "Mandela Affect". Inserts are implanted into the conscious layers through the "Tesla Frequency Channels" or "Energy Fields of Light". This is connected to "Alien Technology & Artificial Memory". The vulnerability is that "Collective Viral Program" influencing or interfering with your personal natural bodily and nervous system processes. Alien Technology using "Nano Implants" creates "Energetic Blocks" causing a host of mental, physical, disease patterns. The "Shadow Government" are using radiation to change human DNA in relation to "Archontic Deception Behavior". History of humans are in a process of being "Deleted" as other dimensions are opened by CERN. The Beast 666 Matrix is about the "Dead Light" and the "Mystery of the Black Stone". This idea corresponds to "Zombie Nations" or the "Walking Dead", which pertains to "Armageddon Software Mind Control Programs" such as the "Global War on Terrorism" that is used to suppress and control human consciousness for political, religious and economic agendas. The idea is terrorized humanity through enforcing the militarization of Planet Earth. Next, lets take a look at the "Human Pestilence Program" centered around vaccines and chemtrails. This program promoting disease through aggressive creation of fear and the ongoing push for legalizing "Forced Vaccination of Children". Further note: Jade Helm is a "Global Operation" designed to catalyze the "Black Sun Alien Software" in relation to the 9-11 Holocaust Agendas as a means to "Control Future Timelines". Hitler made contact with the Grey Aliens and, the Zeta Dracos and their "Black Sun Hybrids". The Anunnaki Reptilians have adopted the "False Ascension Matrix" or "5-D Timelines" as their personal agenda to harvest and control humanity. "Holographic Program Models Inserted" into this 3-D Holographic Universe is an non-organic Alien Technology controlled in higher sound field dimension of 5-D Timelines. "Twin Towers & Holograms". 9-11 and 2 (1+1) Towers or 11-11. Rather clever don't you think? Be careful watching 3-D movies or anything connected to virtual reality technology. Project Blue Beam and a "Fake Ascension Matrix". Government "Imposter Spirit Programs" and "Fake White Light" energy to manipulate the lower "Soul Matrix Dimensional Program Realms". Twin Towers (11) was used to further the "False White Light Agenda" by creating an intricate electrical webbing connected to bio-neurological mind control technology which attempts to control the "Human Soul" by use of lower frequency wave manipulation of consciousness. 5-G Technology should be seen as dangerous. The astral plane is being used to generate and promote belief systems of fear, terrorism and tyrannical control. It's part of consciousness suppression of humanity in their "Ascension Cycle" which forces reincarnation back into this Prison Planet. The 3-D Holographic Soul Recycling" is very real.

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