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Shocking Test Results Connecting Geo-Engineering to increase in heavy metals in our Environment (MUS


Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century

Results of the soil and water samples taken in Donegal samples were taken all over Ireland , But it is the same all over Ireland no matter wher you took them as the skies over Ireland are full of theis toxic soup.

These samples were scientifically analysed at the address below : I had handed the samples in Personally …………. Address: Boyne Business Park, Unit 35A,, Drogheda, Co. Louth Phone: (041) 984 5440 had conducted analysis on water and Soil samples which I Anna Harvey had handed in Personally. The official results are below These are the effects of the toxic chemicals found to be falling on our people being absorbed into our skin and into our blood stream by chemicals they are spraying in the sky. I was curious to see what they are spraying and I had some water and soil samples taken and sent to the lab for analysis to see what they are. I had come across an article in America but I do not believe in speculation I just deal with the facts so I needed proof and the results you will see below for your self and the side effects are devastating. You will also see how the tests were conducted so that there was no cross contamination. .

We My self and Moira Ni Bhoail from Donegal in Gweedore conducted a lot of tests of which you can see from the photos and I was covered up so there would be no chance of cross contamination of the samples. Gloves were changed after every sample was documented and sealed . The evergreen trees are riddled with disease and white fungus like cobwebs.

A group of us went up as Moira asked us to come up to see what was wrong with Gweedore. There was My self Anna Harvey, Mary Kelly, John Moran, and Philomena Cornu from Australia she was intrigued and had to come over to see for herself. And Mikey Mc Donald from the North of Ireland in CO Armagh he wanted to see so I had brought him over to show him the devestation on a different occasion.

The trees, they are dead and rotten. Hundreds of thousands of acres of evergreen trees were dead and felled and the land was cleared so as not to draw attention as to what was going on. There are no birds in the skies and no wild life, thousands of Acres we passed the grass is rusty orange , WHY? AND WHAT IS GOING ON? And so many people infertile and Cancer is off the wall. We had to get to the bottom of it and we did in the end and things are a lot worse than we thought. You might ask , WHY are they doing this? Gweedore is sitting on top of gold mine and massive Iron deposits torium diamonds and much more... They are exterminating the people up there slowly but much more quickly than they are doing in the south... They closed the mountain off when we asked Joe Mc Hugh minister for the Gaeltacht at a meeting in Donegal, I asked him when last was he there in Gweedore, the people are dying and Poisoned, why was he mining in the Glenties he went white and nearly choked on his pencil when we told him of the evidence we had with us you could hear a pin drop and one of the members on the board trying to talk over me so the people could not here what I was saying but the People got the Message. The Next day the whole Mountain was closed off but we had all the evidence we needed and the water and soil samples to prove it.....

The answers are all there as you read down the file , it is all connected .Every thing in this file can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are being exterminated. And Why… they want Ireland … they do not want you they just want your country and your mineral wealth… Simple as …. And the People are not educated to see what is going on to be able to fight them back

Moira Ní Bhaoill From Donegal in Gweedore, and I Risked our lives to get the evidence we so crucially needed to prove that our people ARE BEING POISONED.....We fell down into a river that was obscured by reeds and we pulled ourselves out ...I was ok as I had a back pack with a change of clothes But Moira refused to call off the mission as we possibly only had one shot at this to get to the location where we needed to go before the rest was demolished to hide the evidence so she stood there cold to the bone shivering and taking Photos to prove the Authenticity of the experiments to prove there was no cross contamination of the samples ...She is a HEROINE IN MY EYES AND SHE SHOULD GET RECOGNITION FOR IT The people should KNOW what she has done because she too cares about the future Generations of our country as the children is our future ..If we don't stand up and try protect them ..... WHO THE HELL ELSE WILL! ...

She asked us to go up as no one else was bothered at the time and she knew something was seriously wrong in Donegal and she feared for the safety of her people up there especially the children ............................................................................................. These reading are massive as that amount was found in one little urine sample Jar that you get in the chemist or the hospital could you imagine the readings if it was a 2lt bottle of water !!!!!!!!!!!! and they tell you to drink lts a day it is good for you? why they are spraying is irrelevant, the fact is they ARE spraying toxic chemicals down on our people and we have the proof it is not speculation.

When the soil and water samples came back we were astounded at the results they were delivered to my Address also attached are the side effects that these Tocic by the scientific Community stating what chemicals cause to the Human Bod