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Unconditional Love & The Human Condition

This fully white cloud "Maloo" has been one of my biggest lessons in unconditional love, a bond so strong, an unspoken understanding deep to my core. His company has gotten me through some seriously tough times that only my inner circle would understand. Having a loving sentient being there that you can hug, pat, walk, or just spend time with is so good for the soul but also to see how he can shift people just by being in the love frequency. I always think if a dog can make so much change, humans have an obligation to check in with people, put a hand or someone's shoulder, give a hug, talk and see how our human family is going. I find in most cases when you scratch below the surface people are barely keeping it together and ready to tap out or lose control. Humans need affection, love, connection, to be felt seen and supported.

The world is so starved for love, men incapable of showing true feelings or digging deep below the surface, an imbalance of the divine feminine and masculine playing out across the planet. It's truly a time for men and women to step up and start communicating with each other about whats really going on inside, full truth in a place of love. Talk about the 50 elephants in the room which most people (especially couples) have and ignore or avoid.

Moving through pain, anger, hurt, guilt, sadness, shame is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Once you actually push through the triggers and blockages and shift that old energy you can literally feel your DNA being encoded and your whole mood lifts "you just evolved, this is the inner work"

Anything that doesn't get dealt with ends up manifesting into a dis-ease in the body for example: Prostate cancer in most cases is due to lack of expression, suppression of emotions/feelings and not living to one's full potential, having regrets and guilt.

Have a think about what your triggers are, the things that make you dis-associate, freeze, or feel sick in the body it could be: body consciousness issues, self-worth or self-harm programs, feelings of unworthiness, or things that make you really upset and angry. These are the things that you need work on straight away no matter how long you have been running these programs.

To just be present without talking is so powerful "just being" I urge you one-time meet a friend and straight away just sit there in each others presence and don't say a single word for 15 mins, see how connected you feel to each other after. When we don't use language which is literally "spellcasting" & a terrible way to communicate our other Innate-abilities like telepathy start to strengthen, the connection with our spirit and our physical body becomes much clearer.

We hear the subtle signals that our body is telling us 24 hours a day, how to heal and what it wants. From food to rest to non-physical symptoms manifesting, like attachments or other peoples energies dancing with our own.

Keep working through your stuff people, always strive the be the best version of your self each day and don't hide from the shadow self, that's where we learn the fastest, don't judge people and make sure you check in to see if people are ok, its time humans start seeing all humans as our global family.

Nate Max

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