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Esoterica & the Bible. "The Truth about Religion and the Bible"

Debunking the LIES of the class dunce and disinfo agent, Chris White's documentary "Was The Bible Written by The Illuminati?" This video "Can We Trust The Bible?" brings cutting edge information to the masses!! Zeitgeist's presentation of astrotheology has never been debunked, because ASTROTHEOLOGY has never been and can never be DEBUNKED! You see, scholars and secular theologians will argue and de-bate over only a handfull of petty, insignificant little microcosmic details such as dates, names, timelines, locale, and cultural differences, while IGNORING, DENYING AND EVEN COVERING UP the MOUNTAINS upon MOUNTAINS of cultural appropriation of EXACT SAME ARCHETYPES AND STORIES than span across the globe, in all different cultures and religions, throughout all ages and history, even cultures across oceans that "supposedly" had NO CONNECTIONS or correspondences with one another, but they ALL have ONE MAJOR OVERARCHING THING IN COMMON. Plus research grants from university incentivize the realm of accepted fact and uphold a consensus model that if upset, has vast implications for the world of commercial marketing such as the most lucrative publishing industry in all of history, which is THE BIBLE! If one goes against, or even worse, DISPROVES the narrative of consensus theology, then one puts their tenure and reputation in jeopardy.

A Documentary Research Film by my good friend at Truthiracy Films: House of Wisdom 2012. Author: Christopher Lord. Material is the opinion of Christopher Lord of Truthiracy Films. support Truthiracy here!

stay tuned for his new upcoming book "Bull God of the Bi-Bull: Taurus Torah" on Amazon

also see my full Article "EL: The Bull God of the Bible" for more information.

make sure you dont miss out on my mindblowing full Ebook "SECRETS OF ALL RELIGIONS! TRUE ANCIENT HIDDEN EVIDENCE OF RELIGIOUS ORIGINS"

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