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If you take anti-biotics and corticosteroids away from the #Medical people, the industry will immedi

If you take anti-biotics and corticosteroids away from the #Medical people, the industry will immediately collapse. When is the last time your Medical Doctor (MD) advised you on building your immune system? Healing your disbiotic gut (the source of almost all illnesses)? Reducing stresses on your body and mind? Their drugs either suppress, or kill. Always catabolism (breaking down) not anabolism (building up). These are the cycles present in ALL things, plants, animals, corporations, societies, etc It is a FUNDAMENTAL mandate OF THE #UNIVERSE and you MUST, eventually, "obey the Law". This counter-productive approach is the Medical/Pharmaceutical approach to #health and healing : "they" want to kill, kill, kill… suppress, suppress, suppress…" not paying any attention to encouraging the body to #heal itself. It is the same mentality which expands the ever darkening and brutal War of Terror without end. What have we done to "build up" relationships with the Middle Eastern societies? "Doctors Without Borders" do more to balance and build people up than all the "carpet bombing" and #droneattacks in the #world. #Imagine if we started to #change the SYSTEM, and actually teach these poor people the #ancient healing wisdom their cultures once had before years of #war and bombing has nearly erased it all, leaving them to rely on #McDonalds and some cheap food like alternative for survival. The #Corporatocracy can not continue to lead the world.. corporations are soulless artificial manmade programs, without programs of compassion or that human being-ness required to do anything #GOOD. EMERGENCY MEDICINE is vital and the west is great at urgent care medical procedures to save lives. The part that is TOTALLY MISSING, is the Eastern knowledge of #nutritional healing for countless thousands of years, still used by a growing many today as well... just not the corporate stock of "individuals" out there not knowing up from down. & it's not even their fault... Do the chickens know anything outside the #farm coop? #Healing, Health, Preventative Plant Medicines are CHEAP, LOCAL, and pack a powerful punch and educational public discourse is essential to a #healthy society. #Theglobalmovement

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