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"U.S.A Courts rule Iran is To pay billions in compensation to 9/11 families" What A Joke

"U.S.A Courts rule Iran is To pay billions in compensation to 9/11 families with no evidence" Iran.. WDF... Oh wait Iran just dropped the U.S.A backed $$ petro dollar $$. History repeats its self, any one remember Lybian President Gadafi when he dropped the petro dollar? 9/11 was the most easily proven well documented "sloppy" inside job false flag attack in history. No one is falling for this latest stunt by the courts , media & deep state. "

When all you have is a hammer everything must look like a nail".

Suprised they didnt blame North Korea or Russia 😂😂

Just in case you forgot..There was:

* $2.4 trillion missing from pentagon defence budget * scalar directed energy weapons used to bring down towers (see dr judy woods where did the towers go You tube) "towers vaporized from the top down" *CCT tv video shows cruise missile hitting pentagon *No plane wreckage at Pentagon no engine no wings just a small hole *The Pentagon south wing was "conveniently" under construction which was struck by the missile * Billions in Gold stolen from under building 3 * Back up info for missing $2.4 trillion is lost in tower which went down with no plane hitting it * Excuse to invage middle east *Blame osama bin ladin ( barak Obama) 😂 C.I.A agent in the 1960s who used to have dinner at the white house * Plane holograms CGI mess up wing goes over wrong side of building in video *melted cars 1km from building in straight line to building from directed energy weapons targeting *747 flying at low altitude 950kmp/h impossive to do that speed 77 stories high needs 4x horse power to fly that low *Thermite dripping from building *12 weeks of night time works in building prior to collape (laying explosives) workers pissesd at the noise each night * Fire fighters heard explosions / smelt explosives * BBC saying building had fallen before it fell (building still standing in back ground) *Larry Silverstein saying in interview (we decided to pull it) refering to the building, apparently he has magical powers to make a building collapse *Frank Lowey (westfeilds) & Silverstein insured the building with extra insurance for plane & terrorist attacks only a few months before claimed billions in insurance for 2x attacks *buildings were full of asbestos were well over due for renovations worth hundreds of millions. *Mossad were caught in truck under bridge full of explosives by police broken down not far from ground zero after attack (were let go) *No jews went to work in the building that day *2300 architects, scientist conclude buildings were dropped by controlled demolition * buildings fell at free fall speed * same crisis actors voices re recorded in different scenes *No one saw planes only heard them * civilian (fake radar image) shows plane going into building vs Military radar shows one plane flying past building 400 meters from (hologram) civilian 747, The (military plane flying adjacent was projecting hologram / project blue beam) explains the low altitude, high speed and plane noise people heard *pass port found unscaved 😁 *the metal was sent to china for recycling before they could even investigate *Steel colums were cut with thermite in 45 degree angles to help building collapse

I could go on for days..

Hardly an inside job😂😂

Oh but yes Iran did it 😂 No wait Russia, it was the Russians who did it. Just blame any country with out a Federal reserve bank who opposes the deep state. I love my job 😇 Dr Judy Woods ..9/11

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