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What happened to Common sense?

How many false flag attacks will it take for the little hobbits to awaken to the true nature of whats playing out here on earth. Its also Interesting how there is no common sense when it comes to the main stream narrative and what people are wiling to believe if its been said on the news of by a person wearing a white coat who works for the Rockerfellers when it comes to our health. People will happily believe anything they are fed from the Zoinist Propaganda Main Stream Media or as i like to call it sewage stream media with out really thinking about if this is even partly true. Humans really need to start using their intuition that "Innate Awareness" we all have inside us and start doing some critical thinking, looking out side the box which some of us are still living in, Its not about stepping out side the box, its about throwing the box in the bin, emptying that half full cup starting again and being multidimensional in our thinking and living. It's not rocket science that's for sure. Since the internet and the inter connectedness of all people and things its become so blatantly obvious and easy to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Big thanks to those who are no falling for the lies and dis information being fed to the masses. So many people are waking up all around the world and it really is game over the the old energy. Whats happening now is the old domain energy is leaving and they are trying their hardest to destroy what every they can before there complete collapse. Like a child walking through knocking everything over when her or her didn't get their way having a tantrum. Keep up the pressure , stay in the place of love, gratitude and peace !!! Ill put a video below of Dr judy woods presentation called 'Where did the towers go" this will give you a new perspective on the 9/11 account regarding "directed Energy Weapons" The world is awakening and the faster we stop buying into the narrative being spewed on us from the Tv, news papers and music industry the better.

Nate Max & Connecting_ Consciousness

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