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Time To Create A Green Future "it all starts with you"

So Its 2018 and we have enough technology, people, resources, money and motivation to shift this world quickly into a heaven on earth type senario. Its obvious that "Grubber-ment" and army of Pedofiles that run the world from behind the scenes don't give 2 hoots about the environment or a sustainable future for us little hobbits. So its up to us to create products and practices that help mother nature and the human race stick around for a bit longer. We are in the 2nd HEMP revolution yet we are not seeing enough industrial hemp products coming out fast enough. Im talking about making & replacing things like: The roads we drive on, street poles, anything that was previously made from steel, bricks, cars, concrete, ships, planes, fences absolutely everything from Hemp and hemp bi products. We can be running all cars and trucks on hemp oil like Henrey ford did back in 1920. The fact we are not using bio degradable bags and plastic bottles is beyond me, now we have new trash like coffee pods which 50 million PER DAY are being throw in the garbage not to mention cigarette butts. So this is a call out for all those young inventors and business men and women. The money is in sustainable technology and creating a green future, not only that but your being a fucking legend and leaving a legacy for the future generations. The Native American Indians didn't do practice if they though it would harm anything in 7 generations time... They were thinking 7 generations ahead. Our government and people in control only give a shit that they get their retirement package for "4 years ahead" This level of consciousness is ending and these old dick heads will be held accountable, soon mother nature will come first and rightly so. I mean countries like India and Bali which are literallh garbage dumps, the government could say ok this next month every person is expected to pick up 50 pieces of rubbish per day until the country is spotless and with India and its population in the billions you would see a huge shift in tourism and a general feeling of respect and self worth return to the country. Its not that hard UNITY IS ALWAYS KEY!!! With out nature or mother earth what do we really have?? I don't want to live in a concrete jungle that is being blasted with WIFI, no trees and plants for me to connect with. So lets step up and create some businesses that their soul purpose is to replace old out dated practices and let me tell you pretty much everything we do here in the western world is 100 years out dated and no longer serves us or mother nature. Nothing will change until you change what you do in your daily. That means voting with your dollars, taking your coffee cup into work, not buying cows milk, only buying organic coffee, having a water bottle you reuse each day and most importantly not buying products that are un sustainable or just shit you don't really need. By not buying products from evil companies we force them to tow the line and become aware... Much love Nate Max

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