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Australia's Hidden Slavery System

Good morning class its back to work and into the matrix 9-5 slavery system for Australians once again. Its all big business here in the western United Nations controlled countries. Australia is "stolen" from the originies now called Crownland meaning queens or "the queensland". Hence our state called Queensland, she literally puts her ugly name & head on everything, from our fake Fiat Currency notes and coins to every other facet of life. The queen owns 2/3rds of the worlds land mass wears a 20 million dollar crown, sits on a gold thrown and receives 83 million pounds a year of tax payers money.. For what? To fund more child trafficking?? She is worth Trillions...These scum bags stole the gold from the 3rd world countries while they were invading sovereign land and killing off the natives.. Then this witch has the nerve to do a speech around christmas time saying "we should think about those less fortunate than others" haha haha oh the irony. She could end poverty, hunger and war over night but does she?? No just a royal nazi.

People actually think they own land in A

ustralia yet they pay land taxes.. You are only a tenant on the "queensland" it clearly states it on your paper work. Australia is just a big business for the corporate elite who designed this system in plain sight to manipulate and forge a path forward only they know.

The cat is out of the bag for the federal reserve "which is not federal" its a privately bank owned by the Rothschilds another satanic group of half humans that are obsessed with ritual, child sacrifice, pedophilia , money, control, power and de population of the human race through a plan, well under way "soft kill" or agenda 2030. The poisoning of every part of our lives, food, water, vaccines, the air we breathe, wifi / frequency and then spiritual warfare and mind control which is well documented.

Lucky for us the world is waking up, massive protests and up risings in every country, mass consciousness rising, people realising that the politicians, bankers and elite are parasites and infact this world could be utopia if we banded together in the name of love. Awareness around food, health and true history, governments funding isis, false terrorism and fake news also on the rise.

This info i speak is designed to spark a fire in your heart to research and take action each day even if its just pick up some rubbish and be nice to others, its a start. We are on the verge of a new world run by honest leaders, free energy & abundance. Its really time to see past your religious and cultural indoctrination and focus on what is actually happening on earth, fight for mother earth, our oceans, forests, rivers the animal kingdom. We live in a global community there is no "them and us" its only us. No one is coming to save you, take action and save yourself.

Much love Nate max

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