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Earth Frequency Festival 2018 Qld Australia

Earth Frequency Peaks Crossing QLD Australia A Pretty special festival..... New friendships forged and a real eye opener to whats possible when a collective of humans with similar dreams band together. I was humbled by the humility and connection happening at all stages of this gathering. A really organic tribe of creative sparks, out side the box thinkers, warriors for mother earth, artists, musos and earth tribe. This is one if few festivals i have attended that i was happy to just wander around slowly ,rest, eat good food and observe, dance a little and feel at home. A totally new paradigm for me. I did some lovey work shops, attended seminars and spoke deeply with many people. The cup was filled with all things that tug on the heart strings.

I wonder if this can be replicated into a life style of humans living in communities where this level of expression, freedom and happiness could be a regular thing . These festivals are breeding grounds for profound ideas, visions , new ways of thinking were humans can unite, co create and birth new projects. The limiting constraints of the western world which is covered in red tape, laws and rules really is no place for organic forward thinkers to flourish. The world is revolting this moden day slavery system and rightly so.

Humanity is finally waking up, thanks to the other half bring so evil showing us what we dont want. So no matter what happens on the news or tv people are seeing through the narrative and putting the dots together. Whether it be food, health, consciousness, truth, inventions, or the new wave infusions saturating earths surface that's awakening people everyone can feel this huge shift and change. The old energy is leaving and a new way of living is occurring.

Its time to shed the old skin and transform into a warrior for earth. Break away from old limiting beliefs and patters & spend time helping others, working together for a sustainable green future were the energy of love leads and the corporations come second to mother nature & universal LORE.

All thats needed now is accountability and unity in action.. Nate Max

Nate Max Investigative Researcher, Thought Pioneer, Visionary, Educator

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