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All Or Nothing Why The 0.000000001% Are The Real Terrorists

The 0.0000000000001 % The Jesuits, Zionists Free Masons, Illuminati, Dark Cabal whatever name you would prefer. They are all parasites and feed of humanity. Between these dark satanic fractions they could eradicate poverty, hunger, introduce a new financial system and release the hidden technology which would put is in the stars the real occult hidden knowledge the ancients know about. The proof is dotted all over the earth, in the pyramid's and in the akashic records that the natives hold. The Ultra rich and Royal familys which still exist today hiding behind their wealth and government puppets who formed from blood lines not similar to our own, control this earthly realm from behind the scenes, the puppet masters manipulating every facet of our life through satanic rituals and human-sacrifice. These pigs have their tentacles in all facets of our life knowing or un-knowing.... This bunch of cowards time, is coming to an end. The consciousness of humanity is once again rising from the dark ages and human spirit will push these dark figures into the light for the punishment they rightfully deserve. Its happening the swamp is being drained and YES or time to reign in unity has come.. They consist of 16,000 individuals, about the size of a crowd at a professional basketball game. The inequality horror they’ve fomented is reaching far beyond the half of America that is in or near poverty, for it now impacts those of us well above the median, those in the second highest of four wealth quartiles. 1. The .01% have as much wealth as 80% of #America. The combined net worth of the 16,000 richest Americans is approximately the same as the total wealth of 256,000,000 people. Details for this statistic and other facts to follow are here. 2. Americans with up to a quarter-million dollars are part of the nearly 80% of Americans with less wealth than the .01%. The 80% includes all Americans with a net worth up to about $277,000. 3. The .01% own about as much as 75% of the entire world. The world’s poorest 75% own roughly 4 percent of total global wealth, approximately the same percentage of wealth owned by the .01% in the United States. Again, calculations are shown here. 4. The .01% – who are they? It starts with the billionaires, the Forbes 400 and 136 more, for a total of 536 individuals with a total net worth of $2.6 trillion at the end of 2015. It continues with more Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). These loftily-named people, over 15,000 of them, are worth hundreds of millions of dollars apiece, bringing the total .01% wealth to about $6.2 trillion, based on 2013-14 data. But U.S. wealth has grown by about 30 percent in three years, and the Forbes 400 has grown by 38 percent, and thus the total wealth of the .01% has grown to over $9 trillion. 5. Tax evasion. Wealth ownership is not contemptible if the owners of that wealth accept their responsibility to the society that makes their great fortunes possible. But instead of paying taxes, the wealthiest Americans have formed an “income defence industry” to shelter their riches, with, according to the New York Times, “a high-priced phalanx of lawyers, estate planners, lobbyists and anti-tax activists who exploit and defend a dizzying array of tax manoeuvres, virtually none of them available to taxpayers of more modest means.” #truth #theglobalmovement "Focus on the light you are the light"

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