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CIA Vault 7 Electronic Surveillance Warfare

Note: CIA Vault 7 electronic surveillance cyber warfare software capabilities, such as the ability to compromise cars, smart TVs, web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Software ASA and the operating systems of most smartphones including Apple's iOS and Google's Android, as well, as other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. Imagine hacking a vehicle control systems for undetectable assassinations. This statemen...t brings renewed attention to the surrounding deaths of Princess Diana and Michael Hastings. Most folks have no idea about government Top Secret technology and how its being used against the human population. Clinton, Bush and Obama, committed "Crimes of High Treason" against America being directly involved in "Deep State" shenanigans that are now coming to the light of day.

No longer can evil hide in the shadows thinking it has the best hand! MOM is pissed! and the "White Hats" are taking caring of business which is connected to parting the veil so everybody can see for themselves what has been going on for decades! Interesting that Yitu Technology has made an A.I. algorithm that can connect millions of surveillance cameras and instantly identify billions of people. The company, based in Shanghai, China, developed "Dragonfly Eye" to scan all photographs logged in the country's national database. And China wants to assign a "Social Credit Rating" on all its citizens by 2020, which is the equivalent of the FICO score widely used in the US. I've written about this subject pertaining to the "Mapping of the Human Domain" per Operation JADE Helm. China, Russia and the United States have been working together secretly to bring in the "New Civilization" most call the NWO. Oil based economies are now seen as anti-life which feeds the "War Machine". Your going to see more Tesla Technology. Fiat currency will be replaced by virtual currency like Bitcoins. Look for China and Russia to take the lead over petro dollars as America deals with corruption of past White House Administrations. Michael Kavaganah Ex C.I.A

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