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Gwen Towers "Ground Wave Emergency Network" Or in Other words Population Mind Control Towe

#GWENTowers 🤔 🗯 What do our ever-loving gubberments have planned with these things? Does anyone know what effects microwave frequencies have on the brain? 🗯... Anyone know the extent of the soviet-era microwave weapons testing and experiments that went on 60+ years ago? 🗯 How many know how our brains work with frequencies, vibrations etc? Did Tesla know something about this? 🗯 Do the electromagnetic frequencies that come out of these towers, interact with the nano-sized conductive metals that our air is saturated with from #StratosphericInjectionsOfAerosols? 🗯 If we breath in metal from the chemical trails that government have admitted to spraying in our skies, and then we are exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (metals + magnetic frequencies) what happens? What are the technological capabilities of this combination? 🤔 #ProjectBlueBeam #OperationPaperclip #WeaponizedFrequencies 🗯 YOUTUBE: "Barrie Tower Wifi" Barrie Trower is an Ex-Royal Navy Vet, and microwave weapons expert, who has toured the world giving presentations on the dangers of wifi, and other weaponized frequency devices. Feel free to watch his various interviews on YouTube, truly amazing work. 🗯 Good always prevails. Humanity will rise... Shayne Benattar Connecting_Consciousness

Owner and creator of connecting_consciousness Truther, freedom fighter, animal lover

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