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Why Is a Child Sacrifice Statue in Philadelphia?

Why Is a Child Sacrifice Statue in Philadelphia?

This is a statue in Philadelphia. I will explain it the best I can. There is an ancient cult from the Middle East (home town Jericho) who were driven out of the Middle East long ago because they perpetuated traditions of child sacrifice, child sex, terrorism against their neighbors, theft, criminality, hedonism, bestiality, heavy drug use, public sacrifice, war, cannibalism and slavery. When ancient texts talked of evil, it was this group. They started in the Middle East and were driven out of there. They went to Greece and were driven out of there and then they continued Northward into every country be driven out over and over again because basically people who are clinically insane wear out their welcome pretty quickly, regardless of where they go. The group stopped in the UK because they couldn't really go any further.

Now, that group is still around today of course and they're very clever. They dedicate themselves to their ancient traditions and they have a very unique plan........which is to make all of us like them, so their psychopathy lives on, and so they can walk openly among us without getting called out anymore. They have very clever ways for making this happen. For example, when they lived in ancient Egypt about 5000 years ago (again they were heavy drug users) they would get high on the Nile's Blue Lilly (it acts like a magic mushroom of sorts) and they also used heroine derivatives from opium, which is from the poppy plant.

So they used to honor the poppy and the Blue Lily in their ancient Egyptian carvings, entire temples being dedicated to getting high. So today they keep this devotion to their traditions alive covertly by making us wear a poppy on remembrance day and they intertwined the blue lily into the new age culture because the blue lily is really a lotus and there's no flower image more frequently used today in our culture than the lotus. (the rose is also up there, which is another one of their symbols) So they get what they want, by tricking us to get all caught up in their ancient culture, without us knowing what the real agenda is.

Now that metal bull has a hole in the side of it, which is where they used to place babies and burn them alive, sacrificing them to their bull God Molech. Again, child sacrifice and trauma based mind control was their thing as well. The bull was made of metal and a wood fire was placed below it, getting the metal white hot before the baby was placed in, burning it alive.

That's where the phrase "Holy Moly" or "Holy Smoke" comes from. So they just throw up one of their traditions in Philadelphia, like they do everywhere else, to guide the uninformed public to embrace their psychopathic form of hedonism, so they can terraform our world to be like theirs in ancient times. The idea is to initiate us into their cult, without us knowing that we're being initiated and without us even knowing that such a cult exists. Told you they were clever. Source: Jason Christoff

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