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Would You Get Bored Here Or Thrive Like Never Before?

Would you get bored here, or would you thrive like never before?? I love the Anastasia books "The Ringing Cedars Of Russia" She states that every woman, man and child should be gifted 3 acres of land upon birth that they can turn into a food forest and be sustainable, put your energy creating life rather than debt and slavery. (this can be done as well there is no reason why we can not bring this into reality) This is the most real idea ever.

Imagine that no mortgage (mortuary/debt till you die) and you are supported from day one none of that flight of fight rubbish happening, keeping us living in fear. Its the most basic of human needs necessities that humans should have rights to land, so we come in without the fabricated chains of debt slavery hampering our way of life.

This current system creates scared, fractured humans, disconnected from our innate feelings of planting gardens living in community in nature, not knowing where they will live or if you can afford rent or food, working a shitty job you hate 9-5 every day for 50 years to possibly get a few years at the end to rest if you're not riddled with disease from all the stress MADNESS. Since when did the queen get the power to "CROWN" land and claim it as hers. Greedy witch..

The only proviso is "as long as you sustain more food than you require", that way everyone is sharing and the community supports its self. You become connected to your land and create a harmonious relationship with yourself and family, in perpetual balance with nature. Dreamy right :)

Did you know that this is happening in RUSSIA? They are giving away land!! exactly like in the books, this its called the ANASTASIA ACT which has been implemented since these books have covered the earth with 20 million copies sold worldwide with no advertising. There is literally magic in the pages of the books. They inspire me daily.

Time to check them out fb family.

The Ringing Cedars OF Russia ( Buy the black cover copies there is 9 books in the series) its my promise the will inspire you and create happiness in your life. Buy a few copies of book 1 and hand them to your friends with the promise that the will pass them on after they read it.

Focus on the dream... we are so close to changing everything whats your dream>>?

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