The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You "Rumi"

I know people who are really stressed. I get that and when someone is stressed, they often consume items like coffee, sugar, alcohol, junk food, cigarettes, certain meds and even narcotics. These substances help produce a chemical change in the body where the stress is lessened. I get that as well. When you're in pain, you want to stop the pain. This is basic human nature. Unfortunately a couple other things happen within this cycle.

First, the problems that are causing the stress are going to still be there after the pain killing session is over. Second, all painkilling substances activate a part of our brain that is the dumbest and most inept portion of our brain complex. When you apply the dumbest part of the brain to life in general (regardless if it's stressful already or not), more stress is going to be added into the mix. Not only do pain killing substances hyper activate the lowest IQ centers of the brain complex, they also completely shut down the most advanced portions of our intellect at the same time. The result of turning the dumb part of our brain on with pain killing substances is more stress, which in turn brings us full circle back to becoming super attracted to these toxic substances that reduce our stress for a couple of hours here and there.

This cycle can get really out of control for some people. The solution is longer and longer periods before throwing in the towel and grabbing for these extremely easy to attain pain killers, which are on every corner in our society. It's also not really about being healthy, losing weight, burning fat, looking your best, slowing the aging process or being smarter (which are all side effects of avoiding these substances)'s about getting the most advanced part of our brain working on our life problems, so the future is always easier, brighter and more satisfying. Pain is a guardian, not a goblin. Let the pain in and let it deliver its' message. Your life will be better for it. True story. Truth Is Stranger Than fiction

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