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This  1-day colon & intestinal cleanse addresses the whole length of the digestive tract. It is made of a wide selection of enzymes to complete the digestion of all undigested material that stuck to your intestinal wall and many types of vegan fibers to sweep it all out!

Made by all-natural organic vegetables and fruits, this enzyme cleanse product is specially designed for small intestine decluttering and colon cleansing. The product can clear the toxins from the intestinal wall, remove the waste and reactivate its movement.

SOME GENERALITIES:Made of 100% natural and organic produces fermented for over 3 years.Protocol has been designed by a consortium of Scientists, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts and Nutritionists.Can be combined to any other detox methods.Can be done on the first day of any kinds of health retreat and provide observable benefits.Comes along with education about intestinal hygiene and health maintenance.

FROM THE CLEANSING EFFICIENCY POINT OF VIEW:Strips off the whole Gastro-Intestinal tract from plaque in a single day. (this includes the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon).If you are fasting, it launches you immediately into autolysis and ketosis mode on the following day. (It is like adding 3 or 4 days of cleansing or fasting in a single day).The cleanse works even beyond the digestive tract and some organs and glands can reactivated because the enzymes got to clear some obstacles within them.Penetrates the blood stream and initiate the cleansing of the blood vessels.Penetrates the liver and initiate a cleanse.As it cleanses, it nourishes the digestive tract compared to other methods using psyllium/bentonite that strip off the good and the bad and require that we rebuild the flora.

Zen Cleanse 1 Day Mucoid Plaque Removal

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