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Melatonin is the chemical which is created in the body to help provide sleep. Many people are not producing enough of this hence why they struggle to get to sleep and wake up feeling un-refreshed. This can be due to lack of sun, toxicity overload in the body, mineral deficiency,  heavy metals ect.
This vape will help you get into a deep sleep. Simply breath in the lavender flavored melatonin before bed. Its the same as 1.3 Mg of melatonin.

This brilliant product has an organic base mixed with science, Zero Pg, lab verified , pharma grade, vegan friendly, zero nicotine and lasts up to 300 breaths!!

I use this every night and helps me sleep much better !! 

Nate Max

Melatonin Vape (Sleep Aid)

SKU: 45
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