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Why is it that the majority of humanity willingly choose to be sleepwalkers in this "reality"?

Can they really be so busy being busy?

Truly, what is more important than seeking the ultimate truth? Leaving no stone unturned. Ever striving to connect deeper and deeper into ultimate spiritual truth. Blasting through cognitive dissonances and brain washing like an unstoppable juggernaut. Being able to change perspective when mistaken and regroup to new ideas and concepts from a higher vantage point. Every single day going further and further, letting nothing stand in your way of ultimate truth, freedom and sovereignty. Expanding your awareness about the world around you and the world inside of you, growing more and more conscious, becoming more and more powerful. Throwing off the shackles, bonds and mind prisons you have been born into, again and again an

d again for eons. Becoming a more empowered and centred version of yourself on a consistent basis. Increasing your ability to "see" day by day, month by month, year by year.

Is "earning" (urning, an urn is a jar of cremated ashes) a living more important? Is being too tired a good enough excuse? Is watching Netflix a better investment of time?

You are always the commander of your life and destiny, even when you give your power away to others, as you have been the one to give yourself the command of subjugation. You are always in control, even when you think your not.

People say moving towards truth can be depressing and the most difficult thing they ever do, as they come across horror after horror of the realization of the reality of this "world".

It's easy to be unconsciously ignorant.

It's less easy to commit to the path of consistent investigation of oneself and ones true nature, but....

When you become aware of your own ignorance of the nature of reality and your power to seek clarity, and instead choose to stay stagnant and afraid of the forward march to sovereign liberation, that is what is truly difficult.

There will be many failures on this return home to ultimate truth, but the biggest failure is not trying with everything you've got. James Bartolo


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