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The Preliminary Round

The little muggles did well they did as they were told to do they locked down, they wore masks, they closed their businesses, they took the government money, thinking that that would last forever. They believe the mainstream news, they believed the World Health organization, they worshiped satanists who support eugenics like Bill gates and Dr fauci all while being blindfolded to the true reality and nature of what's actually happening.

On the other hand the awakened community stepped into leadership roles, the people who were sitting on the fence are now awake, people are banding together and spreading truth creating community and talking openly in public to the muggles.

The first agenda was the phantom virus, next it will be global warming shutdowns climate change shutdowns but don't worry your local truther knows what's going on in the world so as soon as you don't understand what's happening simply message the local truth in your area or on your Instagram they get it... they understand and you will get it eventually too it's just a matter of time. Be prepared stay vigilant resist tyranny detox get in the sun drink clean water eat good food and work through your trauma and drama quickly simply and easily.

it's really just a numbers game now and if you think the world will change for the better when you're not bettering your inner world you're f****** wrong..

every single human being on earth now plays a crucial role it's up to you to do everything in your power to make a better life yourself and the people around you say no to tyranny...

Nate Max


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