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So whats necessary right now? where from here?

What's necessary right now? Where to go from here? How to fight without fighting?

Nate Max Thought "Pioneer & Visionary Of Human Potential" innate-awareness

The raising of the internal frequency (cultivation of vital life force) the single most potent thing that we can do as a collective to counter the attack. Everything that is being done to humans is designed to lower the vibratory frequency (internal spin) of the human's consciousness. We have missed a bunch of ascension cycles due to invader race interference and we are on a knife-edge now to raise up, remember who we really are and counter this atta

ck on not only humans but everything living thing and our mother earth.

Ascension is not some spiritual bull shit, it's an actual specific keylontic science. Unfortunately lot of people forgot that we have all the medicine knowledge and support inside ourselve

s waiting to be activated. Humans are multidimensional at essence and creator beings.

We are being used to co-create a world that we don't consent to or want.

How so?? What you focus on you create it's that simple, all you hear is covid covid covid, the mainstream news is the biggest perpetrator of lies dis-info a nonstop assault on your mind with low-frequency propaganda. The same narrative 24 hours a day 7 days a week in every country on earth MASS MIND CONTROL. Keeping the multidimensional humans thinking they are sinners in a skin suit and need to be saved by some god or completely deflated in the 9-5 deb slavery system.

All the distractions now here with technology to numb your pain and a concentration of around 5 seconds BY DESIGN to keep the egoic mind busy, humans always needing stimulation every moment of the day, pulling us away from being present with the breath and life in general that feeling state.

The toxic food, water, vaccines, frequencies, heavy metals, news, porn, sports, education, movies all here to keep you in a lowered state of consciousness, what are you allowing to enter your temple (body)? Everything is frequency bands, everything happening in your reality is attracted frequencies matching.

If the news stopped talking about covid tomorrow the whole narrative would fall on its arse. Game over. All this 3d shit I just mentioned means NOTHING when you start getting healthy, cultivating your inner fire and sovereignty, no one has control over you. You are the 99% you are the ones who decide. It's that simple.

Some poor souls have been watching the mainstream news for 40+ years these people are actually (Boat

anchors) for the raising of consciousness and need the be sledgehammered to awaken or the easy way... Raise your frequency so high that everyone around you gets pulled into your vortex of unity consciousness. Its that simple if you're not good at waking people up just raise your frequency.... Its the same thing. In fact someone who is waking people up but is not doing the energy work (building chi) is no better than the muggles watching the news wearing masks living in fear. Fear is the number 1 frequency lowering emotion, you can no co-create from a place of fear or scarcity and worry. To not be in fear is simply a decision to be in the present moment and know that you will be ok regardless.

So ultimately this is a numbers game not on awakening humans but a numbers game on how many people rise their internal dialogue. Nothing will change until people change their inner frequency. Get in the sun, water, MEDITATE, do yoga, stretch, PLAY, run, laugh, play, sing, surround yourself with goodness, eat good food, drink clean water don't forget to enjoy this experience. Detox your body and your mind, go into those uncomfortable scenarios and own that shit. You're here for a short time no regrets its time to reclaim our kingdom of earth from the parasites who hide behind the veil.

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