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Nature has all the answers time to empty that cup

In the near future when everybody realizes the level of shit fuckery that has been going on in this planet. Doctors around the world who have been partaking in depopulation & child abuse will no doubt be trialed for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Ur local doctor who knows nothing about actual human health who is literally a drug dealer for the pharmaceutical industry, which is the overseeing regulatory board for things like the American medical association, the World Health organization, the CDC and many other fraudulent inverted organizations which are there to maintain the facade of giving a shit about humans.

The pharmaceutical companies and majority of the medical system is nothing but a depopulation system designed to destroy the health of human beings get everybody hooked on toxic chemicals that have a whole list of side effects which are not really side effects they are actually just "effects" from the body being poisoned.

When did humans become so stupid to think that a side effect is a good thing and it means that the poison is working??

When did men and women apparently who call themselves parents become child abusers and agree to the state injecting toxins into the arm of their newborn children?

Where is the line drawn in the sand when are the rest of the sleeping humans going to wake up in an absolute Fury of anger when they put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize they have been lied to duped deceived ,tricked on almost every front in their lives.

To think that you could possibly cure cancer by putting radiation into your body is the most absurd thing I've ever heard in my life and to this day chemotherapy has a less than 2% cure rate and yet they still keep using it. Chemotherapy which costs a couple of dollars but the hospital's charge tens of thousands of dollars for this treatment another complete, absolute fraud and money making scam.

What don't doctors talk about nutrition clean water sunshine exercise stretching detoxing the lymphatic system the colon liver gallbladder intestines getting the detoxification pathways functioning removing the heavy metals and re balancing the stomach biome or 1st brain?

Its easy $$$ MONEY MONEY MONEY the world doesn't function on common sense, its revolves around dollars and cents...

Nate Max thought pioneer & visionary

Of Human Potential

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