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Nate Max The Next Wave

So in my opinion the next phase of The Great Reset 2.0 looks like this..

Don't worry there is solutions at the end, easy ones.

First Step re-mask and lock down the public and put the fear back into everyone, nonstop media lies and propaganda 24/7 and a full-scale attack on the truth community, with censorship to block any real content exposing the next fraud. It's the world's largest book burning happening as we speak the dismemberment of the what once was a great source of information (the internet of things) and any relevant information, blocked, hidden, removed censored and deleted.

Weather war: which we are seeing already, full scale

Geo-Engineering in every united nations country on earth to push the global warming carbon dioxide scam, (which is connected to agenda 2030, smart cities, tracking, chips and monitoring)

Expect floods, droughts, you name it, all man-made not a conspiracy anymore... its mainstream science. If If you don't know about this yet go to its all there proven and undeniable.

This is ultimately about tracking and monitoring your every move, everything you do in real life and also on social media. Elon Musk is heading up this operation with his star link 6g, which in the future you will have full 6g reception 100 kilometers out in the middle of the ocean, and satellites covering every square inch of land and water, tracking your every move. Combined with facial recognition and implantable technology nano tracking chips its a pretty hectic set up they want to bring in. U won't even be able to make love to your partner with your blinds open without them being able to see you. The question is who even wanted 20,000 satellites in our skies?? polluting the natural cosmic energy coming down from the heavens??... We have 40 million people dying each year from starvation and hunger but no food for them, no way out, no help BUT... we can spent TRILLIONS on fucking internet.. unbelievable 40 billion on Twitter.. Elon what a twit another fake billionaire like Epstein the new trump saviour "trust in the plan" FFS.

Carbon tax Social credit scheme

They want to charge you for driving your car per kilometer and calculate your carbon footprint, move over to electric cars on the road which are even worse than petrol cars.

Why? because the QR code social credit score which they are running in china is the model the globalists want to adopt worldwide and it's waiting right now to be rolled out. This means if you post something negative about your tyrannical government

(even if it is 100% factual) you will be locked out of the financial system, your phone won't work and your electric car will lock you out.

The idea is to separate society even further. They want people to be self-policing the "others" just like in North Korea everyone snitching on other people to get a better social credit score, sounds a little like nazi germany.

You would have seen all the people during the covid scam dobbing on their neighbors for having 3 kids playing in the back yard or for having a gathering, not wearing a face diaper, or going further than your local LGA. The Covid lockdowns litmus test worked very well , toilet paper obsession and people literally being complete and utter sheep, over no proof of anything, just from watching the news. It was quite disturbing full-grown men acting like little scared babies, stepping around you at the supermarket with eyes full of fear.. I mean come on guys take a spoon full of concrete will you bloody hell. You call youselves men and your worried about so called viruses.. OH LORDY

The people who act like this are lonely scared unaware humans who are clinging for dear life to their broken slavery system. These muggles will be the issue in the coming months and years. We actually need to try meet them on their level with very simple gentle information to help them awaken because right now they are like a boat anchor slowing consciousness down and also pointing our ship towards a waterfall of disastrous proportions blindly paddling in the wrong direction virtue signaling all the way.

I understand it's very annoying listening to people's absolute retarded conversations and its hard dealing with their fear but we need to be ninjas right now every person you awaken IS A GOLD MINE they will never go back to sleep and you generationally helped their offspring., friends and family member who they will ultimately awaken.

Once you awaken you never fall back to sleep.

If you can wake those people up you can wake up anyone. Every interaction you have now is a chance to bring a positive spin on someone's life with your energy, information and knowledge and also drop a few truth bombs along the way.

I predict we are going to have masks back on

(well not me thats for dayam sure) but the general population will be masking again within a few weeks to a month and 2-3 months after the elections it will be full-scale attempted lockdowns again and dramas.

Its very simple to beat.

If no one complies it cant be enforced, people just need to in mass not close their businesses. Stay home & save lives actually means

(destroy your job, business and the economy) then blame Russia HAHA.

DO NOT STAY HOME you are not saving lives you are destroyingour world and showing you ignorance, complacency and willingness to be a good little yes man slave.

Do not mask up, do not go get PCR tests, (no test = no fake cases) on the fraudulent inaccurate PCR test. We really just need to say no and continue working, living, loving and creating a better world.

This all boils down to accountability on all levels, its a spiritual battle and tied to consciousness. The police and military need to be woken up they should be protecting the community not supporting communism and the big pharmaceutical industry's depopulation agenda.

Solutions: create local community in your area, connect with the awake humans you will see them, how they dress, their energy and they will be in the organic food shops, yoga studios, at the markets, you will see them meditating at the park, you will gravitate towards them seek them out!!! Then get action groups going, run meditations and dinners support each other and network grow food together and slowly start changing the areas conscoiusness.

Simple action

Letterbox drop information in your local area and follow up with information nights, add in music, sound and connection. People are waking up, they are lonely and wanting to connect its up to you to create magic where you go. If you are not doing it don't expect others to be taking action we are all connected.

Start communicating together on SIGNAL or TELEGRAM or ditch your smartphone altogether and don't give them your data they rely on your data to know what we are doing to counter us.

Im not sure what the next wave will be if they will use the frequencies from phone towers to activate the software that people injected into themselves to activate the nano tech to create an actual pandemic of people dying in the streets. What I do know is that it will need to be sensational for people to believe it this time.

The USA is trying to pass legislation letting the world health organization (Vanguard / Blackrock creation inverted fake organization) take control of everything if there is another pandemic. This is not good and we need a big numbers of people to JUST SAY NO.

No lockdowns, no border restrictions, no blockage on international travel, no vaccine passports, no digital ID, no social credit system NONE OF IT fuck it all off.

They will try their hardest to blame the non-vaccinated people and cause the biggest divide ever, we need to stick together, vaccinated or not we need to unify to get through this next staged event.

Then finally we have the looming food and power shortages which are on their way, all by design. The destroying of food processing facilities in America, farmers being given incentives to burn their crops and destroy them, new legislation giving governing bodies power to tell farmers to kill their animals and crops if there was ever aminals tested with some Bs variant.

Farmers are being given large incentives to retire, huge payouts. This is also tied to the fuel prices, controlled demolition of the economy from hyperinflation the federal reserve printing fiat currency for the past 50 years. Farmer's wont be able to afford the transport costs. The blocking of the shangai port and the sanctions on fertilizer is a very serious matter.

The USA will have many false flag attack gun shootings mainly to blame gun owners to bring in legislation to disarm the American people for the civil war looming when food disappears of the shelves.

Biden has been cutting off many of the latest oil and gas pipeline projects which could have stopped the fuel price hikes he is shutting down power plants as well setting America up for a huge fall.

It's all connected and its all unnecessary all of this can be avoided even now, but people must wake up and start informing themselves of the true nature of this reality which means no more fence-sitting. These mother fuckers want you and your children dead remember that they want 95% of the world's population dead look into the Georgia Guide stones.

Just because they are using soft kill and covert means and not putting a gun to your head doesn't mean you should become complacent or just accept this slow death. They want you to believe you are the problem. When the uprising happens don't kill the police, awaken them before we get to this point so they are side with the people. Remember the biggest enemy is every single person who works for the mainstream news that is the biggest virus on planet earth. The true villains are the politicians and the CEOs and bloodline of the big corps the so-called elites that meet in the builder berg meetings and plan out ways to destroy our planet so if yo want to point a bone at someone make sure you know who the enemy is first. WE MUST STAY UNITED, don't fall for the race card and black lives matters ect, judge humans by their actions not by their religion or colour we are better than that.

We have all the people, money, recourses, power and technology to create heaven on earth, there is only about 3500 greedy scum bags world wide who are stopping us by redirecting our awareness to distractions and lies.

We have the numbers and its time to rise up, let your energy speak for itself DO NOT REMAIN SILENT, your voice and important and each one of you has very unique gifts and talents everything you have learned over the years will become useful in this final battle for earth. Stay strong, eat and drink well, look after your friends and family and make sure you are operating from a full cup. Do your detoxing and get into nature, do all the things that make you happy and don't ever stop laughing and creating.

Things are going to get wild for a bit but this will only awaken more people, humans shift when they are pressured. Have faith, take action be creative and a ninja at all times.

The funny thing is we can avert everything I have mentioned if just enough people focused on a better reality, this is all perception-based reality co-creation. What are you focused on?? What reality are you birthing?? Who are you giving your energy to??

Nate Max


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