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Sneak peak of our Relax Reset Renew wellness Retreat in november

Hey beautiful people we have a special retreat coming up in Bali this November. This is a full immersion into self inquiry and relaxation. We have an amazing team of co hosts which will be joining us on this luxurious retreat which will deliver the full healing and relaxation package getting you back into your body and out of fight or flight mode.

We have an amazing Ra healing food menu in our resort along with western and balinese traditional food. The retreat center is situated right on the beach and surrounded by mountains and jungle in a quiet area in northern bali. It has lush rooms, pools and a yoga / ceremony space.

We have Daily yoga meditation & breath work practices, sound journeys and healing work shops. This retreat is designed to get you back into your body & in flow state so you are operating from your highest potential.

We will be going on guided tours and jungle hikes to sacred spots and enjoying the warm Balinese weather together as a family unit.

There will be some beautiful ceremonies happening through out the retreat. Cacaou , Kraytom Tea, Breathwork journeys, Sound Journeys & also Rapeh" sacred jungle tobacco medicine, all heart opening medicines designed to re connect you with your true nature.

We will be spending time in luxury accommodation but also going into the jungle for teh nature immersion, its a merging of worlds. We will be connecting with the local mountain people & villagers going on jungle hikes & eating the traditional bush food from the surrounding areas. This water fall valley is full of life and thriving with powerful healing energy.

We will be enjoying a camp fire each night and with music & sacred medicine. Stay tuned for our launch

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