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The New Earth Festival

So now the New Earth Festival , World Health Sovereignty Summit and ITNJ "International Tribuneral For Natural Justice" is all finished it's time to integrate what I learnt. This was the biggest gathering of incredible doctors, scientists, health professionals, activists, game changers, artists, visionaries and humans creating change I have ever been too. I was blown away by the caliber of humans I was blessed to meet.

People I have followed on line for years like Jim Humble the creator of MMS "Magic mineral Solution" who has been curing all Diseases with his product, Dell Big Tree the producer of Vaxxed, Dr Robert Young, G Edward Griffin the god father of the truth movement, live feeds from Dr mercola & Dane wiggingtion from Geo Engineering watch . Org and doctors who have found proven ways to treat cancer and all degenerative diseases, their stories and testimonials of the attacks on their lives, businesses & work.

This really refreshed my memory and also motivation that there is amazing people doing big things. Also it was solid to properly meet Sacha Stone over the 2 weeks I was in and out of the gatherings , work shops, hearings and events, watching him weave his magic of unification & humility. Hat off to him for such a huge effort bringing all the Indonesian & Balinese kings together for the first time in history and other powerful players from across the globe, I have a clear insight to who he is and what he is about , definitely someone I will be supporting with future endeavors.

These kings & royalty were exposed through out the talks to the most crucial information around health, 5g, vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry, cancer cure suppression and corruption at the highest levels, healing machines & the attack on our planet. Very impressed with the whole crew how well they work together and the family vibe that's here. There was ceremony, prayers, blessings, music, connection and a grounded street wise energy with a focus on action & solutions, filled my cup with everything necessary.

I Will do a live feed shortly with more details & answer questions. Big love guys stay positive change is in the way.

Nate Max

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