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Glyphosate being banned from public areas but what about it being a major ingredient in childhood va

So the world has finally woken up to the fact that spraying the food we eat with poison is not a good idea, WELL FUCKING HURRAY FOR US WELL DONE!!!! Welcome to kinder garden actually wait, welcome to Pree school!!! Pat on the back for putting 1+1 together to make 2. You really can't think this shit up, can you? We are living in an era when logic and critical thinking are almost a thing of the past. Glyphosate which is just DDT and or "agent orange" less concentrated which was used to maim, kill and poison off the poor people in the Vietnam war is the active ingredient which is being sprayed on your fruit, grains, vegetables & almost everything that we eat & need to survive on. & yes for meat eaters it's on the grass and in grains that the cows you devour eat also. This stuff is causing generational DNA mutation & making humans sick, dead or dying plus infertile BY DESIGN. There are no mistakes in this realm we call earth MARK MY WORDS. Everything is cleverly thought out in an attempt to poison off the human race, for profits and greed. So my next simple 2nd grade logic question is: If we are aware that eating pesticides killing us proven in a court of law, "if that's not enough for your little pea brain to understand than just drink some of the pesticides & tell me how that pans out" So how come Gyyhpsate is a major ingredient in childhood vaccines?? I mean really if eating this shit still = disease even when it passes through our bodies natural defence & filtration methods like the liver, kidneys gal bladder and intestines & it still messes us up majorly then how is injecting it straight into our children's growing bodies (with a thing called polysorbate 80) with allows the metals and poisons to cross the blood-brain barrier a good thing??. Were is the pro-vaccine logic??? It's a very simple thing, humans thrive off love, sunshine, clean water, breast milk ( for babies) , organic natural food, minerals, nutrients, exercise & quarterly detoxing VS injecting hundreds of contaminants & many unknowns things into the body to get well. The fact is that these diseases like polio were all on a decline well before the vaccines were even introduced and the rates spiked when it was brought in, the only reason we see cases of the measles is because of vaccinated children they are the carriers and the sickness comes around each year to support the trillion dollar a year vaccine industry. FACTS!!! Where is the logic do you think that shooting someone with 27 smaller bullets (vaccines) will prepare you for the 50 calibre bullet later on?? The interesting fact is that most won't even blink an eyelid to this topic no matter how simple I make. This is all consciousness-related until you can see beyond the veil nothing makes sense accept lower primal fears and playing in the chemical field, ego, pride, money, fame, trying to fit in, basic needs. Meditation is your key to unlocking the parts of your brain which ALL HUMANS need to be using "the intuition that inner knowing" a connectedness to all things, realising that we are actually a soul in a flesh suite connected to nature and we run off love. The bigger ticket items that sound ridiculous to those who don't have the EYE to see will just fly over the muggles heads. There are no excuses in 2019 the age of information when everyone has access to a phone or computer and all the info is now there for public viewing. Wake up or tap out you choose..

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