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Super Food that replaces big pharma drugs... No wonder they are trying to make it illegal

One of the many super plants that are sitting there in nature which help humans re balance their systems. This hiding ,suppressing and slandering nature for corporate greed is a trick that is used in many industries. You need to understand that corporations only care about $$$ they are dead entities that support the destruction of morals, mother nature, mother earth and happily poison of humans to support the share holders and

ceos. Remember Healthy humans are not a good business model..... There is corruption all through out history "His-Story" and whos story is it? The narrative works for only a few whom decided to sell their soul for possessions, material fame, false pride and ego. The world is waking up fast and humans will not allow anymore darkness to control our health and food supply. Look how long we were blocked from cannabis, the pharmaceutical companies are the worst organizations on earth implementing soft kill in every product this is scientifically organized to shut down the consciousness of humanity by keeping everyone sick, dead or dying.. We are spiritual beings connected to nature, this is why the powers at be are trying so hard to remove everything sacred to us that connect us to our true innate intelligence. Time to take your health into your own hands. Research and remember the best way to destroy an evil company is boycott and tell your friends and family, wake up the people , use your weapons the sword of truth and shield of faith. Big love to you ig family! Nate Max If you are in Oz and need help with oils i can point you in the right direction PM me 😉

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