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The basis of corruption is not money. Money is a form of energy used to do something in the material

The basis of corruption is not money. Money is a form of energy used to do something in the material world. There are three problems the world faces which now is in crisis countdown. The ones who started this mess are dead but their programs are running with full force to destruction. One- Corporate Entities do not have "feelings", like humans who like or don't like different tastes, different enjoyments etc. Corporations have only agendas. To make profits or losses. Humans have an agenda of happiness. So these corporate entities became international hijackers on every land. There's only one Warren Buffet & Mr. Buffet can only be in one place at a time but his corporations can be in many, in 20 countries at the same time. In the old times a King controlled a Kingdom but today any piece of shit can create a corporation- as many as they want. America is a corporation. Religion is a corporation also. It takes #9 months to create a #human baby & one day to create a corporate entity. When the person who began the entity dies, as has happened here- we have millions of corporations spread around with programs still running. The universal law of ATTRACTION has not given the karma's to the ones doing the wrong because its a corporation doing it, not a living human. The average human today works a "job" under someone else, doing what they are told to do. When something goes wrong & people are asked what happened, everyone says 'oh I was just doing my job'. What do you expect from a slave? Two- the ones who understand & know are few & they have no power, no position, & no authority to do anything about it. Remember when millions rose worldwide protesting corruption? What happened? Everything became worse. #Censorship came, more chaos, more destruction, more wars. In London they had Riots- the next week the news was flooded with the new royal wedding- like nothing ever happened. Everything that gives life has life. It's as simple as that. Who knows that the air you breathe is alive? It's elementals keep you alive. The water is alive. There are living things in the light. Who knows this? The old ones from long ago.

You are what you have been looking for Adam Roa

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