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Whats In Those Vaccines?

Its not rocket science really, natural human beings who thrive from sunlight, love, clean water, clean food, minerals and nutrients.. Vs toxic waste being injected into young still developing children. Do you think that god messed up when he was creating the immune system?? Ever wondered why non-vaccinating communities don't get allergies and diseases and have Zero autism?? Are the millions of mums who have autistic or semi-autistic kids around the earth all just making up a big conspiracy that after their child was

Do you question a mothers knowing?? A woman who has spent every minute with her child for 2 years, she knows every breath, noise, cry and heartbeat 100% connected via love & universal energy to that child. Do you dare tell that mother your big pharma funded scientific "fraudulent studies" hold more weight than actual real-life facts?? A once healthy child, then with in 48 hours of the vaccine, a brain-damaged empty human unable to even maintain eye contact appears, who now pounds his / her head against the wall & screams all day long?? Go talk to the mums next time you see a child on the street WHICH YOU WILL, they are EVERYWHERE NOW & ask how it happened. Do yourself a favour and connect with these strong women who are battling with the hardest task & lesson of their lives. Send them love respect & support the feminine, time to be real humans no more hiding no more shame.

Put 1 and 1 together, create the framework in your mind to think outside your limited programming and indoctrination. Forget listening to your doctor and the mainstream (propaganda) news for 1 day. Do you think I enjoy talking about this shit?? The only reason I do is that I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON I KNOW MORE THAN YOUR DOCTOR EVER WILL and I will not stand back and watch my friends and human family's children get hammered by vaccines and become chained to a lifetime of disease, sickness and mental problems. Its mass genocide and depopulation.

In 20 years you will all thank me. The only question is, how many more children will be thrown on the sacrificial alter in the name of science, fear & lining the pockets of some evil non-human families that control the media & pharmaceutical companies promoting this garbage.

Research use your intuition, piece it all together, follow the money, see who owns these big corporations, look into who gains, understand the agenda, research who funds the studies, google depopulation, eugenics, its all there for those with the EYE to see it. This is generational DNA damage, trauma & genetics mutation.

50 years ago doctors were promoting cigarettes, the same stupid morons who still prescribe chem therapy to cancer patients today "which has a less than %2 survival rate after 3 years, the same as a placebo pill" the ones that say poor nutrition & toxins in the body have nothing to do with cancer disease. Puppets who will not dare to look into natural therapies because the more money you make the less likely you are to be honest, who pays the doctors? oh yes the same companies who sell the vaccines. Did you know doctors get a commission on vaccinating people? but that's not a conflict of interest right. So how did promoting cigarettes pan out?? hundreds of millions of people with lung cancer and hundreds of millions more each year dying now.

The only reason people vaccinate is through ignorance, lack of knowledge and fear of not fitting in, or losing a few $$$ very selfish.

You have been warned

Nate Max (R.I.P ISSAC)

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