Time To Change The Way We Eat "2 Pac"

Here is a list of something that you should start removing from your diet or replacing with healthier options:

Processed refined sugar (forget it and any product containing it) Oil especially if you are vegan ( when you consume over a certain % of oil per day it becomes a nutrient blocker and prevents you from absorbing your food) Replace table salt with Himalayan rock salt or Celtic sea salt Only eat whole foods and non processed foods (No a bag or organic corn chips is not a whole food) Avoid all foods that have been sprayed with pesticides Stop drinking soda and fizzy drinks like coke , and anything you find in the corner shop is pretty much rubbish & will only keep you up at night Stop drinking coffee it puts the body into fight or flight mode for half the day and restricts the blood flow to the brain by up to 50% for up to 8 hours and puts stress on the adrenal glands. Replace coffee with Matcha tea or Chinese herbal teas preferably ones with no caffeine. Any ingredients you see on food packets you don't understand don't buy it. Don't drink bottled water or tap water, either buy a filtration system or find a local spring, use glass to drink your water, its ok to transport water quickly in plastic if it's not in any heat but get it out asap and put into glass Structured energised filtered water is the best. Stay away from a dairy (cheese & milk) it creates acidification in the body and gives you osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases (YOU ARE NOT A COW A COWS MILK HAS THE DNA AND COMPONENTS IN IT TO GROW A BABY COW DON'T DRINK COWS MILK YOU ARE A HUMAN) There is hundreds of varieties of plants you can use to replace eating grains, dairy, meat ect, The best thing you can do is grown your own food and eat direct from the garden or buy direct from the markets fresh food and ASK IS THIS SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES...that way you avoid pesticides GMO and all kinds of other issues associated with mass agro farming. Learning about food, health, gardening, detoxing and the world around you is the simple best give you can give yourself or children. Start your health journey today. ​

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