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Tesla Batteries and Electric Cars "the latest green fraud revolution"

Tesla Batteries & Electric Cars the latest green revolution fraud being pushed by the elite towards driverless cars. Tesla would be rolling in his grave if he knew that his name was attached to 150 year old outdated batteries & rubbish technology, Tesla was about free wireless energy created from universal energy, which is abundant and never runs out, this is what he created before he was silenced and his work hidden and destroyed by the big oil companies years ago.

You can toss in solar panels in that basket as well, which are mostly owned by the oil companies who love you buying solar panels and calling yourself GREEN, these panels don't even produce enough energy in their 15-30 year life span to offset the energy used to build and produce them in the first place. Now lithium and cobalt which is needed in these batteries and electric cars, that is being mined in the Congo, with child slave labor, and guess which countries have huge veins of lithium?? North Korea, Iran and oh yes don't forget Syria, ever wondered why the worlds superpowers have their greedy mitts aimed at these places, trillions in lithium in these places.

So you by an electric car, which you charge from your power point which is powered by a coal or nuclear plant, where is the green sustainability??

I don't even see a single solar panel on these electric cars. The level of technology we are using now is actually laughable, we are 150 years behind in technology compared to what the deep state military has atm. Its literally a massive joke and anyone in the know or who has dabbled with energy tech can vouch for me. Literally, we have not progressed in 150 years in power creation, we don't even have a smartphone that can last more than a day WDF is that shit seriously.

Proper free energy tech is the fastest way we can change the land scape of this world, there is nothing more important right now that releasing the true energy technologies, it will end so much of the worlds issues and we can stop killing our planet with stupid shit like coal seam gas fracking & oil, coal exploration.

Its a circus & the world is a stage welcome to earth, the most backwards, inverted, ridiculous planet in the solar system.

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