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Simple Solution...You Are the 99%

Simple solutions, is all that's necessary really. Why make it difficult? 5g Technology & smart meters a problem, an obvious threat to humanity? Well a Bunnings $5 hammer can solve that :) The question is will you just keep researching or "knowing everything" without taking any actual action on the ground. NO-thing will change while you do NO-thing. People say they want change, yet they are not willing to spend their time, effort or $$$ to create any real-world change, or they use ridiculous excuses like "oh that's just the way the world is Nate" WDF is that rubbish? That just tells me that you have given up and are laying the foetal position sucking your thumb waiting for evil to steamroll you. If you cant see the Agenda rolling out now across every united nations controlled country on earth you are blind as a bat and maybe its batter you just take the vaccines, give up your guns, and drinking the cool aide. Its the 11th hour there is no fence sitting anymore. Its ALL THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT, Inversion right infront of your nose the whole game how it works..

We have 3rd world countries collapsing everywhere Venezuela with all the right triggers to start world war 3. Over a 1000 people dying a day of starvation, mass immigration 15,000 people hitting the US border a day, this is all a Goerge Soros Psy opp the same as Europe "The Kalgeri Plan" using mass unvetted immigration & refugees to collapse 1st world nations, this is not racism this is fact.

America is 6 months away from a massive depression and economic collapse. You can focus on work and pretend to 'Keep busy" all these stupid comments I hear from people when you ask them "how have you been" Like being busy a good thing. What a stupid comment, busy what being a slave, working for some dead beat arse hole whos whole life revolves around making money and false materialism. Yeah sounds great.

There has never been a time like today to literally create and forge your own way of doing life, inspiring by example and speaking absolute truths, being integral. Teaching your friends and family how to rock the boat and not cower in the face of tyranny.

There has been enough talk, the oceans, forests, aminals and humans are dying. When will you draw a line in the sand?? Don't worry you can hide in your little forest get away but in the end, the same fate will reach you it will just take a little longer.

When you die will you be proud of the changes you made on this planet, or will you just have toed the line, worked, had 2 kids and did the bare minimum to get by??

No regrets look at the bigger picture which is much fucking larger than your limited scope of reality. If you don't know what to do pick up some rubbish plant some trees, selflessly help someone with no agenda or monetary gain. I PROMISE you will feel good serving the human family.

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