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If you don't stop lying you'll grow up to be a reporter for CNN

Im Loving Memes at the moment no doubt they will try make them illegal too. Its interesting how one pic and a few words can totally shit on the main stream narrative. They are disabling comments on many of their main stream posts & you tube accounts posts because there is so many smart informed people who destroy the narrative & the common people take more info from the comments under the post rather than the actual content. There really is a war on for your mind. Its interesting when you stop watching tv, listening to the radio & reading the news paper how your world changes.

Humans are not mean to have that level of bull shit fear porn projected at us all day and night. I was at my parents house a while ago and watched the news ,I was blown away by the level of rubbish and fakery that was going on. It really is a sad state of affairs if you honestly watch the news like its important or tells you whats happening in the world.

I walk my dog at night when im in Sydney & i hear all the Tvs blaring full noise and the screesn flashing (zombie flicker rate) in the lounge rooms & can smell all the toxic food being cooked and all the little hobbits linking up to the mind matrix, no wonder people can't put the pieces of the puzzle together and understand the bigger ticket items when they are surrounded by propaganda all day long. It never ends constant bombardment.

On the way to work, at work, on the way home, then when you get out of the traffic after work and reach your house on the TV there is a live helicopter traffic report, why would you need to watch the traffic on tv?? If your at home watching your TV im pretty sure you are not in your car, its insanity constant kaos, which keeps everyone in fight or flight mode.

So to counter this beautiful people, my team is running a 10 day matrix reset retreat in june 12-21st 2019 deep in the jungle on the island of gods in Indonesia, i feel so many people could benefit from this to really snap out of the mind programming which occurs in the western world but also experience complete relaxation and calm. Ill be running a bunch of work shops and we will be doing jungle hikes and so much beautiful work together breaking through our limitations and trauma and creating a new way of doing life to take home to the cities.

You actually have no idea how bad it is until you completely remove yourself from it. If you are interested in joining me and My team in Indonesia for a 10 day jungle immersion please contact me there is only a hand full of spots left its an intimate retreat just 13 people, for the full run down & 10 day plan goto my web site below or contact us via email below:

Email us at:

Please share, tag, this post if it resonates. Nate Max

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