Simple Techniques to Creating Shifts in Your Vibe

I choose to know... start saying it. Every day millions say “I don’t know” when what they mean deep inside, is that they do WANT to know, but currently, they don’t. So they say “I don’t know” which subconsciously cuts them off from knowing! _ Instead say, I choose to know. What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? I choose to know. Haha these sound funny at first, but after a while, speaking from a disempowered, unbeknownst state sounds funnier. _ Like replacing “but” with “and” for example “you’re really pretty, and...” instead of “you’re really pretty, but...” see what I’m saying... when we say BUT, we negate anything that is said before it. “You did a good job, but...” sounds unfavourable huh? replace “but” with “and”, watch your communications shift 👍🏼

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