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I hate thinking.. Me too.. Lets trust our government.. OK :)

Its time people realise I'm not here to make friends, or grow a following it's about waking people up and some times shock and awe is the only way to do it, when so many are fast asleep its necessary at times.The sooner we realise we are in the 11th hour and the world is dying simply because of humans pure ignorance, we can turn it all around quickly if people grew a set of nuts and stopped trying to fit in all the time, stop chasing money, false pride, fame and feeding the ego. Humans need to catch this system of control or its game over good luck to the next generation.. Maybe its already game over and we are just here to watch it all end who knows.

So if my posts trigger you, good ....maybe there is something that you need to address in there or maybe some days im just an arse hole, either way, i'm good and im solid in my being, my faith and connection to spirit. If that's the case and you are upset go watch CNN and FOX news don't follow me I'm sure you will be comforted by a flurry of lies and disinformation to keep you firmly embedded in the matrix of deception and mind control.

Do you understand that we are in the middle of a war?? its a war on your energy, your mind, your time, your vital life force energy?? what are you focused on?? where has your critical thinking and common sense gone?? These things I speak of are not rocket science its literally common sense.

I don't need to do this, I can easily go live in a nice bushy place and live out my days living off the land with a happy life, I do it because I see the answers, I see how this reality works, I understand the matrix, I see the sadness and tiredness in my fellow human's eyes, the lack of connection and people wanting to be loved supported and accepted. I feel for this planet and have a vision for the future that I won't let go of..

We are so close to a global revolution of peaceful non-reenactment, let go of the rope stop playing tug of war, create your own rules and reality. Don't feed the system, vote with your dollars, speak up, inform your self, set your boundaries, say NO to tyranny, have an open mind, stop trying to fit in and spending your life trying to be someone, connect with spirit, nature, love.

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Nate Max

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