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Brainwashing From The Main Stream Media Is at an All Time High.

Big shout out to all the hordes of people who are choosing to NOT vaccinate or (lobotomise) their children. Its a global growing trend the cat is out of the bag (its been out for decades but with the event of the internet finally we have awareness around this disaster & depopulation program) The evidence can no longer be hidden by sneaky globalist run agencies like the CDC & shady doctors and Big Pharma Puppets. Thank you for being strong and not buying into the fear program designed by the mainstream media and big pharma to get your children in for the vaccines and a life of sickness , disease, time release cancer, autism, allergies, gut problems, skin problems, learning difficulties, hormone imbalances and a disconnection to ones self.

I mean it's not difficult to see there is an issue when many doctors and nurses don't vaccinate their kids and the elite don't vaccinate theirs oh and if that's not enough, go talk to the millions of mothers who now have autistic kids Thanks to the Vaccines + Glyphosate "The 1 2 step into vaccine-induced brain damaged" which is what autism actually is, these kids which were fine pree vaccines & with in 1 hour to 48 hours of the vaccine became literally brain damaged. Its really not rocket science, its about your programming, consciousness and how much fear you live with that's all.

You either live from a place of love and expansion in your life or you live from fear and suppression. It's all simply a choice, you chose your reality you choose what you buy into, its all in your head or in your scope of reality how small is your box of perception?? Are you open to new information? are you willing to throw your out dated beliefs in the bin and see the bigger picture?

I say this often, that meditation, nature, mindfulness, self-analysis, music, exercise, chasing your dreams, laughter, a healthy diet and gut biome, regular detoxing, prayer, goals, love they all destroy fear. It becomes a joke and laughable.

When you're tapped into spirit the matrix glasses come off and the veil becomes very thin, you see the world for what it is, a puppet show, inversion, hidden in plain sight and usually the first thing to unravel is that the mainstream media is nothing but a fear, propaganda and distraction machine, constantly projecting negativity to keep you in a fear complex. I wonder how your life would be if you stopped watching the for 6 months and see what your world becomes like.

When you live in fear you give away "forfeit" your ability to co-create your dreams on this planet and multi dimensionally, its that simple if you are not operating from the heart your not really doing anything usefull for anyone or yourself.

I had an argument with my mother one time when we were having dinner at her house, the mainstream news was full noise in the background while I was eating and I said can we turn this shit off please?? and she replied..

"I want to know what's going on in the world."

I said that's funny why don't you just ask me LOL but anyhow i said mum how many terrorists do you know?? how many people do you know that have been murdered or stabbed to death?? how many people do you have been raped? Have you been mugged and bashed? Have you been held at knifepoint and had your car stolen??? Do you really care about the traffic report when you don't even drive to work and never have? Do you know kids starving to death?? Do you know people with Polio? & she said NO...

So I said well that's not your world its not even close to your actual reality, so why do you watch something that is not even part of your life and existence on this earth? Your world is walking the dog, going shopping for food, working in the garden, keeping a tidy house, hanging with your friends. why would you depress your self every night / day and evening with unnecessary low-frequency issues and live in fear because of it?

Ask your self the same question, it's about acting locally and thinking globally but also not inviting pointless depressing shit into your mind. Humans are generators who create what they see, think and feel. So surround your self with love BUT TAKE ACTION don't sit back and do nothing YOU MUST TAKE REAL WORLD ACTION, that comes in many forms,. Speaking truth, panting trees, mentoing kids, detoxing your body, being inspiring, being happy and loving, basically JUST BE HELPFUL where ever you are.

Don't buy into fear live from love, faith, happiness, positivity, speak truths and be real with your self. Don't let peoples delusional reality enter into your life, have compassion for them but set your boundaries people..

Its 2019 we are way past the point of arguing with mentally unwell people, you can just look at the food someone is eating to determine their mental health (which is gut health) which will give you a clear insight into f you should be believing anything that comes out of their mouths.

Also start doing your own muscle testing kinesiology so you can ask your self the bigger questions and stop needing to ask anyone anything, it takes all the guesswork out of dealing with supplements, what your body needs at that moment food wise, big decisions, and if people are talking truth or not.

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