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When I Cured my 13th AIDS patient, my mother said to me "They Are Going to Get you"

Disease is a fraud & consists of a few simple things, Trauma, mineral deficiencies, toxin build up mucus & inflammation. Thats it.. The medical system is a depopulation program run by high-level Freemasons and Satanists who masquerade as doctors (Rockerfella Puppet sell outs) it's well known the most high level assassins are doctors. We live in a world of inversion & hidden in plain sight, all the answers are in your face its universal LORE that these parasites have to disclose their plans or they are creating Karma. Its in the movies, in the updates on your phones, in the contracts you sign without reading, its written on statues all around the world, its in the maritime law which we obey so willingly, the writing is literally on the wall YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Ignorance is no excuse on this earthly plane.

If you want to reverse everything that's unbalanced in your temple (human skin suite) you I suggest you stop going to your doctor and spend some time researching. Start listening to your body and see what it wants, your the most intelligent technology with everything needed to heal inside. Nature has all the answers, no one EVER Cured cancer or "disease" with western medical intervention cut, burnt, radiate, poison. It boils down to what your putting in your gob.

Back to basics:

Research: Dr Sebi & Dr Robert Morse (watch the great lymphatic system), goto and start watching all the info on there. Wrap your head around the fact that everything you have been told is a lie, empty that limited view of reality you have acquired from cultural, religions and social programming, the world is waking up don't wait till you have cancer until you decide to make a shift.

What do you need?

Sunshine Clean structured water Pree & Probiotics ( Good Gut buddies) Large amounts of Sour fruits (dr Robert morse) Raw & whole foods (you tube what whole foods are) Stop consuming anything that's not directly from nature Don't Take any Pharmaceuticals (derrr face slap) Eat Organic (better yet grow your own) Stop eating dairy (watch cow spiracy & earthlings) Stop eating meat or drop it by 98% & only eat top grade meat Detox every quarter (research detoxing) Stay away from grains & Lectins (The Plant Paradox) Research Intermittent Fasting Exercise, yoga, stretching (flexible body flexible mind) Chinese herbal medicine & tea (see your naturopath)

Remove all the products in your house that are not directly from nature, shampoos, aftershaves, deodorant, cleaning products everything and anything that you can't understand an ingredient. Nature or nothing.

Mediation is key, and will organise your system, mindfulness and happiness. You will not heal when your body is in fight or flight mode, stop stressing nothing is under control. :)

Nate Max

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