A well Needed Break from social media

So beautiful people I've had a few months off social media accept a few videos at a festival ect, so refreshing but i missed all you crazy fb mofos 😜 and the universe has been giving me big signs to get back on. So Ill be Back posting & doing my thing sometime next week. Look forward to talking to my Facebook family, I have some fresh insight into this realm , what needs to be done and i will be pushing the boundaries harder than before. Looks like there is plenty of positive stuff happening and hordes of humans waking up (finally)

I met so many people lately on the streets who have recognised me from my videos, seminars, interviews ect and gave me a lot of encouragement to keep on keeping on so thanks to those who spoke deep words to truth it was timely and thanks to my peeps on social media who send me loving messages and kind words it means a lot and really makes my heart swell.

Now I have only 1 more supreme court case to go and my ending cycles are completed. Got a bunch of interviews coming up & also I have just started a "Foundation" (Rise To The Occasion) for funding future projects the most recent, I'll be travelling making a docco getting water structuring / purification devices to remote villages, tribes, and communities around the world and here in Australia filming this and going live as it's happening daily. "Watch this space"

So balancing out my internet presence with more work on the ground. Stay tuned and thanks again beautiful people. Happy to see so many new faces posting deep truth and living beyond false pride, material fame, researching health, bigger ticket items and thinking out side the box, this is big keep up the great work.

Thanks to Max Igan & TheCrowhouse your last video was the first thing I have watched in months & totally kicked me into high gear again so glad there is someone left who is balanced and so on point really resonating with you max.

Much love Nate Max

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